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No Response Of Buyer

I am new to Fiverr. I want to share my problem with you guys. I have received an order but order’s information is not fulfilled now I am trying to connect with my client but he is not replying to my messages and CountDown has started automatically when he ordered.
Now I have only 1 day what should I do?

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open a disput by visiting resolution center if you think youdont have enough info andbuyer is not respnding

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At this point you have a big problem, because it takes 2 days for an order to automatically cancel. You can’t deliver without requirements, so the gig would run late if the buyer doesn’t respond to a cancellation request. I would suggest that you go ahead and try a cancellation request and also send a message to Customer Support explaining the problem. They might cancel it for you.

For future orders, you need to make sure that at least one of your requirements has the “mandatory” checkbox marked. Buyers won’t be able to order without filling in the mandatory fields.


i agree but sometimes buyers fill anything just to get order started
i remember i’ve received one order and buyer fill in requirements "dont know " :joy::rofl:

That’s true, but you want to do as much as you can to prevent it. If it happens anyway, you are back to cancellation.


yup :slight_smile: :+1:

oh! :smiley: The problem rise when client is not contacting.