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No response on any gig

I joined fiverr in Oct and I have not got even 1500 impressions in a total of 6 months even though I have multiple gigs. I barely get an impression and I have a total of 5 clicks in the last 5 months. Its very important and I don’t know what’s going on exactly.
This is my profile
ayush_2052001 | Book & eBook Writing, Scriptwriting | Fiverr
I don’t know why its showing Book and ebook writing and script writing only even though I have web development gig as well. I need help as soon as possible


In one gig the title starts with “I will be your ghostwrite”. Maybe change that.

In “I will do hindi to english or english to hindi translation” you mention you translate essays. Maybe don’t say that in case Fiverr thinks it’s academic work.

Maybe try and reduce the 5 hour avg response time.

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I did that But i don’t know why its showing book and ebook writing in my link that i shared and why my web development gig is getting barely 1 impression per week.

It might get that from part of the page title in the page you linked to. The “book & ebook writing, scriptwriting” are 2 of the subcategories you have gigs in, that’s why it shows them (and in the page title of the Fiverr profile). Though I don’t know what order it looks at the gigs/the subcategories you have gigs in to get those. Maybe it’s sort of random or alphabetical or some internal subcategory number.