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No Response on buyer request!


I am sending regular request on buyer request, after sending a lot of buyer request to buyer. I have not got any single response. I think buyer request not work in getting order,Is there an other way to get order, How can I get response on buyer request in order to get order. Please assist me regarding this.


Review your gig and share it to targeted people first. then you will be able to get orders


:slightly_smiling_face: Thanks! I have sent more over 50 plus buyer request which related to my services.


How many is many requested that you have filled. I have done nearly 400 applications and only got 10 responses and three ,materialized into actual sales,… don give up at all,… you may hit a huge order.


thanks , I have just filled 60 requested onl yet. because I am sending but not getting response, Not sending on every request come to me. I just send which one related to me that work I can do.


I know it can be discouraging but you are likely to get an order just when you are just about to give up,… Put it in your heart that you will fill another 100 requests to get 1 order that will help you not to give up… I recently scooped one large order after filling in more than 300,… Now im ready to fill even another 500 without giving up,…


I am a little frustrated as well - but I think I understand the nature of “Buyers Requests”. I do voiceovers, and every buyers request I see gets between 30 and 40 offers… so the competition is already tough. I have sent 40 competitive offers and haven’t gotten a single sniff - yet. But I am sure I will… eventually! :slight_smile:


Well said, I agreed :blush:


Yeah, you are saying right, you should keep it up, don’t disappear just keep sending offer to buyers, I hope you will get order soon.


Since the compettion is high ,… Try to use key words while you offer the requests. Add some of them in capital. Let the buyer see you understand what he/she wants,


just sending request at least 10 requests need to send at a day

thanu will get something sir
thank u


Right ,We need to highlight the word, it should be attractive :+1::blush:


For sending a 10 request a day, you should have request of buyers for applying more than 10 request, need to find which one is related to my services,.


May I know how many of order you got yet? for how many request you sent for them in order to get an order?


Improve what you write when sending your offer… Even if you have 1% success you will get 1 order in 10 days… if that is not the case… Something is seriously wrong with your offers…


It has been 4 months not getting single order on buyer request. They come and talk and go… When I come to order, then no reply from buyer.