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No response on my proposal

Hey I’m Imdad , a web designer and web developer. Also a graphic designer. I have done all things including make gigs, promotion etc. I received 4-5 request per day and I also send proposal but no one is response. Should I do something else so that clients response on my proposal and it will ok with this ?


Here I am sharing some important point which i use for sending buyer requests.
1- Read the project description carefully.
2- Keep your bid clear and concise.
3- Specify your terms clearly.
4- Do a check on your buyer’s history.
5- You can mention your experience,but not in the start.
6- Be competitive with your pricing.
7- Avoid taking a rejection personally.
8- Don’t copy and paste your proposals.
9- Write proposal relevant for the client’s requirement. Because It’s not about you, it’s about the project.
10- Use client’s name where possible.
11- Tell them about your working process.
12- Ask sensible questions.
13- Slow but steady wins the race.
InshaAllah you will get the order soon. Best of luck.


Thank you for your valuable time

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Check this out:


@designtrendy great bro…i appreciated