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No Response / Order?

Hi, Friends

I have been maintaining my account on Fiverr for the last 54 days and submitted 300+ bids.

I heard from my friends that Fiverr is very easy and everybody is making good money by providing good service by maintaining a good standard.

But, I am unable to understand why i have not received even a single Hi (Zero Response)

Please advise / recommend

Best Regards


I’m also very disappointed. But we should have patient in mind.


My Dear Disappointment is no Word in my Dictionary and its not the solution,

I know Developing a Status / Repute takes time

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Thanks for patient. You should share your gigs different platform. Active when buyer’s active. Try to what is need for buyer request and enhanced you.

Be patient man. Too much time spend in fiverr research on your related keyword and create your own gig

Welcome to the platform.

Like any marketplace you have to compete with other active sellers. How saturated is your service, how is your pricing compared with other sellers? Do you have a strong portfolio? Do you have a video explaining why the buyer should choose you? These are just some tips to help you on your way.


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Just keep trying… Never lose hope :heart:

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