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No response to messages then a negative review :(

Hi all, new seller here!

I’ve had a few orders in the couple of weeks I’ve been on Fiverr, and the vast majority have been 5 stars. I offer CV editing and application reviews, so sometimes multiple drafts are needed to ensure the buyer is 100% happy - of course, a lot of it comes down to personal preference.

I recently fulfilled an order for a CV revision. I sent over the first draft, no response. In my message I assured the buyer I would work until they were 100% satisfied. I checked in the next day, again asking if they were happy and saying I could provide further help if needed. No response so as the countdown was ticking I delivered the order, but again offered further support.

Eventually the buyer accepted the order and left me a 4 star review. I was quite frustrated, as I said multiple times I would help resolve any issues but they didn’t respond! I reached out to ask if there were any issues and they said they wanted more edits in a specific area - completely fine, but how can I know that if they don’t tell me?

I guess I’m just deflated after a run of 5 stars to now having a ‘less than perfect’ rating. I know it isn’t a huge deal in the grand scheme of things, but does anyone have any tips for dealing with those buyers that just never seem to be satisfied?


It’s safest not to discuss reviews with buyers. Fiverr might give a warning if they think you’re pressuring the buyer about a review.

I’d be careful about saying things like “essays” or “proofreading academic literature, essays and articles”. Make sure Fiverr doesn’t think you’re helping with academic work that the buyer would give as though it was their own.

4.3 and 4.7 aren’t really negative ratings anyway even though 4.3 could cause a level drop or prevent you sending offers to buyer requests if it made your average go down enough. You can let them know you’ll make changes if necessary when you deliver though but if they later give <5 stars there’s not anything you can say to them about it. If they kept giving too low a rating you could block them if you wanted.


You’re worried about a 4-Star review?

I’d hate to see what you would do if you got a 2-Star review.

It’s going to happen.

Some Buyers are very picky.

Some Sellers are not as good at the services they offer.

It’s not going to impact your account much once you get more 5-Stars.

Remember, a Buyer DOES NOT have to give you a rating at all.

This means that a 4-Star rating is better than no rating.


I’m writing the following to try and be helpful and avoid you receiving a warning…

Fiverr’s terms of service prohibit:

  • Offering to prepare academic works on behalf of Buyers

One of your gigs is for reviewing university applications. Your writeup states ‘With my help, you can secure a place at your dream university’ and that you offer a ‘full editing service’.

Whilst you’re not expressly offering to edit essays as such, you might want to check with customer support that the service you’re offering is allowed.


Thanks for your reply! Makes complete sense.

I think the word essay is used differently in different cultures - I actually mean applications and statements of purpose, not academic essays but thanks for highlighting this!! Can see how it is ambiguous

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Thanks for your reply! I see how that could be misconstrued and I’ll edit that. By essays, I mean personal statements and applications - definitely not academic essays! Thanks for pointing that out.

Thanks for your reassurance. I guess I’m too much of a perfectionist! I’ll stay positive :slight_smile:

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Nothing wrong with being perfect…but it’s a lot of work to stay that way! lol

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The word ‘essays’ does indeed have a non-academic meaning in addition to its academic one. But when you’ve been hanging around the forums for way too long like me, you see the same themes pop up every so often.

There have been previous posts in which sellers have received warnings and had gigs banned for using the word ‘essays’ - as it would appear that Fiverr apply the academic meaning only (my opinion based on what I’ve seen previously).

It’s simply not worth the chance is all I’m trying to say.


Makes sense, thanks! I’ll clarify this :slight_smile:

Don’t worry at all its not a big deal !
some buyers very aggressive but we have to deal with them politely, but in your case not make any sense to give low ratings.


Thank you for your reassurance! Glad to know it is normal, I’ll keep moving forward and being positive :slight_smile:

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That’s unfortunate. At least it’s only a 4 star. If it was really low you might not even be able to send buyer requests now. It’s really sad how one negative review can leave such a big impact among many great reviews. The only advice I can give is that maybe in your gigs you should put a sentence at the top of the description that says to contact you before buying or something of that sort. The good news is you can quickly overcome this 4 star with a few more 5 stars. Good luck!

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why is 4 stars a bad review? I really dont understand, i would think 3 stars and bellow is a bad review

I didn’t say it was bad, just ‘less than perfect’! I know that 4 stars is still a good review, I just would’ve rather had the opportunity to make it 5 stars :slight_smile:

Really good advice, thank you so much for your comment!

I just dont get it, 4 stars is trwated as a negative review by sooo many people

Sure, I guess there can be much worse reviews! I’m just really striving for 5/5, which of course isn’t always possible.

Im a bit confused with the responses, are you saying that you dont understand to the guy thats talking about alpha males? lmao, im soo confused because I dont understand either

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He was making an analogy/comparison. Not sure it fits that well though.

Sounds to me like you got a #6:

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