No responses as I try to Workout everyday even Harder


I have posted some gigs to work with as a professional. still i see least responce rate… i dont know how can i work out anyhow i gone through all basics as follows. Can i see a Sunshine!!!


You will see response soon if you do some efforts share it to your target customers and apply on buyer request. You have to do efforts. Nothing is going to come in your plate directly in the beginning.


Is it daytime? Are you looking out a window? :wink:

Seriously, though, I say this all over the forums – it remains just as true for you here. If you want more customers, you are going to have do some marketing and promotion. Reach out to your target customers – wherever they are located – and tell them about your services. YOU are responsible for your own success and sales. Sitting around, waiting for random people to maybe find your gigs, and maybe place an order is a terrible business strategy.

Every business works hard to market and promote their business in order to earn customers. You are going to have to do the same.


thanks bro for your correspondence, and i do seriously appreciate you say like that. here i’m trying to find some way for the marketing purpose. but as a newbie i really don’t know where to find my customers here in feverr. so i just asked for your help. i’m ready to put my effort efficiently all day long but unable to access the marketing policies because i’m unable to find a platform here.other than the linked a/c is there any place here in feverr i can sowcase mt proposals to attain a large traffic?
asking for kind suggestions, if any.


bro can you please explain me the quote… where there i can reach out my targeted customers… where they use to live hun?? lol…