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No restrictions on fiverr

Fiverr simply has no restrictions on the use of the site. Should sellers be able to post their gigs under buyer requests. Of course not! So why don’t they fix this issue. In order to run a proper freelance website like fiverr, there should be some rules enforced. I have a fiverr suggestion… If you can’t fix simple issues like this, hire some fiverr sellers that could. My rant of the day!


Whether you’re a buyer or seller, would you please explain how this issue affect your experience on the site?

I’m a seller but I haven’t checked the buyer requests since a long time, I already looked at it and found it FULL of sellers offers and nonsense promises about their work. I’m unable to see more details about them like their profile or gigs, maybe only an image file attached and that’s all. When I find a real buyer request there, it’s overcrowded by sellers offers. I Hope to know some buyer’s experience in this area, rather than searching for the offered gigs by sellers.


… but excuse me to see the title is a bit rough and underestimating !

I started back on fiverr at the beginning of the year and all I see is people fighting for jobs. I’ve had sellers spamming me messages trying to sell me five dollar gigs. You have sellers posting in buyer requests to try and get work. The fact is the site needs moderation. Weed out the people abusing the system and clean it up!

It’s all about user experience. Why have site navigation if it means nothing. There’s reasons why subjects get categorized and that’s so you can find what your looking for on a website. I’m a seller and if I want to scroll through buyer requests, I shouldn’t expect to see sellers trying to sell there gigs.

I actually contacted customer support about this issue and they said they understood the problem and were trying to remove the sellers who were abusing the system. Trying???

Fiverr says that sellers who promote themselvess in the buyer request section will be banned. And I trust Fiverr, so I suppose those spammers are getting ban continuesly, then get back with another mail address and so on and maybe to the same spamming again.

I want to say that all sites have imperfections, varying to an extend which is acceptable, or to an extend that makes people leave and keep trying other sites.

I agree with you that they are creating new profiles and probably doing it again. However, if you look at some of the gig offers you’ll notice they have quite a few responses to their offers. This means only one thing. They’re not be removed. That’s what I mean when I say there’s no moderation.

I just completed a gig that cost $160 usd. I got paid $127 after fiverr took their cut. Why does fiverr get that much if they don’t even maintain there website. From what I understand, the site hasn’t changed much in the past few years. If they take that much from each seller they are making a killing!

I think sellers who post their gigs under buyer requests, they all newly joined. They don’t read company rules. When they see someone’s post they also add one. If Fiverr can add a warning message, I think they can lower down this miss usage.