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I am a new fiverr buyer, who has no knowledge or poor knowledge of programming and database. I orderd a project four days back which I needed help with and honestly knew it would need that time to complete. My seller told me he would giveme everything needed including the source code which I asked him several times before ordering the service. Today, on the day of delivery, he is AWOL and delivered the order without files attached and upon asking told me after three hours that his PC crashed. I paid him 30$ and lost my deadline and money. He is not refunding me any money but wants me to give a positive review. I dont understand, how can I give him a positive review when I got no result. what can I do to get full refund as he keeps declining my request to cancel.


No need to waste any more time with this seller. If I were you I will write the worst possible review you can give, then contact customer support to demand your money back as soon as you can. People here will blame you being naive but Fiverr has responsibility in this sort of situations. Give them a chance to rectify it for you.

To send a request to Customer Support, go to the order details there is a link on the top right corner of the page. State your case and your demand clearly and do not give up until you get what you want.

Since getting the source file was part of the order, you should contact the customer support about it and inform them about what happened between you & the seller. They will surely help you out. Also, you should rate his service on how your experience went so other buyers could see it. (Unless the order was cancelled, you are unable to leave a review)

I’m sorry to hear about what you’ve experienced, You should carefully choose the sellers you work with. Make sure to check their reviews, samples of work & to make sure that they have what’s needed for your order so you don’t stumble with those who are unable to serve you.

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This seller is completely out of line (and ridiculous). Contact Customer Support and explain what has happened and they will refund you. Quite how a seller thinks they can get away with this is a mystery to me and to have the audacity to deliver nothing and request a positive review is deluded.


give the seller and honest review he or she deserves.