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No results from buyer request what to do

no one is buying from me any ideas???


Why don’t you share with us what your offer to buyer requests look like or a link to one of your gigs? It might help people give some advice to you.

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I offer them video editing services for just 5 bugs with unlimited revisions but no they don’t even reply me, I send 10 buyer request everyday since 1 week .

What should I tell them so that they show some interest in my gigs ?

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Nobody wants bugs.

That sounds desperate. No serious buyer will want to wait forever while you revise and revise and revise… They want you to be able to do it right the first time, or after a revision or two.

Some sellers have waited for months until they got their first sale.


I got your point buddy,
I will avoid this things next time and could you please tell me what is the main point that should be included in the buyers request?

Search the forum. There are many topics about it already.

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Ewwww, NO! :nauseated_face:
I laughed so hard reading this. :joy: OMG, I cannot compose myself.


@nikavoice Keep claim & continue this processes!

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Did you actually charge that for every offer you’ve sent no matter their budget? If the budget is much higher, it’s likely they’ll overlook you simply because they probably won’t expect decent quality at that price.


Thanks I learned something new .