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No review is as bad as a bad review?

I’ve delivered some orders but haven’t received any review. :sweat:

Is that somehow as bad as receiving a bad review? :thinking:


In what sense? Does it harm ranking? No idea. :slight_smile:

It won’t deter buyers, however, as they can’t see your review percentage. They would be able to see a negative review, so in my mind, that’s way worse than not receiving feedback.


… however, if you’re completing lots of orders but not getting any reviews, you should think about how you can improve: customer service, product, extras …

By saying nothing, your buyers are telling you something important …


Going through similar issues. Delivered project but the buyer didn’t accept the delivery then it was automatically completed and enclosed and the buyer haven’t left any rates or review for me but later texted me that I did a great job no rate neither revie.:cry:

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Yes, maybe in terms of ranking, I wonder…

Oh, definitively. Receiving a negative review is a lot worse.

Sure, of course. But that’s the thing. They usually thank me and say the job is perfect, very good, etc. Some of them say they’ll come back with more jobs. There was one that ordered an extended job on the gig, then thanked me again, and that was it. :neutral_face:

You seem to be attracting very new buyers.

The way I dealt with this on one of my gigs was to double the price and delivery … it worked!

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sometimes i also face the same problem…!