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No reviews for cancelled orders

If you mutually agree to cancel an order you can not review the why’s. I believe there should always be a review for all gigs, including mutual agreements to cancel.

I’m not saying some buyers don’t have legitimate concerns, but again, the playing field is not even. There are many reasons why a seller may cancel a gig. I’ll address why they may cancel a gig later after accepting it. This happens to me all the time.

I’ll get several gig orders. Everything is cool, no problems. For this example, lets say I get 3 orders. I complete the first 2 and getting ready to do the 3rd when suddenly days after I delivered the first 2, they want a modification. 99.9% of the time buyer’s requests a modification because of their mistake or they want to add or change something that was not in the original agreement, etc. I do the mods…I"m thinking I can now start working on order #3…nope…they want more mods and the game goes on eating up a sellers time. The seller has no choice. Either do the mods or get a low rating.

No seller has a crystal ball and can forecast what circumstances may come up. Personally I want to do all the gigs I can (make more money), but because buyers have the upper hand in rating sellers and can request modifications, it may put the seller in an unforeseen situation and they have no choice but to cancel a gig, or suffer a low rating from the two gigs they completed if the don’t do the mod requests and possibly be late on the 3rd gig while the seller is stuck in the modification world with the clock running. They cancel the 3rd because modifications is eating up the clock.

One solution is to allow the buyer and seller to mutually agree to extend the due date of a gig, just like mutual cancellation. But that isn’t a feature.

Believe me, most sellers are here to make money but unless fiverr does away with modifications and other demands buyers put on sellers, you can expect cancellations if something happens that puts the seller in dire circumstances to no fault of their own.

I think a review on a cancelled order would cause a whole lot of trouble. I mean in essence this would mean sellers would not be able to cancel when a buyer wants you to do something illegal, wants you to spend 100 to make 4 etc.

But there could be a small section where the reason for cancellation is displayed.

I don’t agree… there are many reasons a seller (or buyer) cancels a gig. Besides, a cancelled gig means there was no transaction.

For instance, a buyer demands more from a gig than a seller provides or the seller offers as an extra and the buyer doesn’t want to pay for… reviews on these kinds of orders are not fair for sellers in the least. This is especially true in instances where the buyer demands work after the initial work has been completed but the seller no longer wants to work with the buyer and offers a mutual cancellation - out in terms of both money and time. They’d rather be out this than a damaged reputation from an unreasonable buyer.

And, that’s just one EXTREME example!

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Every time a buyer complains my reply is make the playing field even. As long as seller’s negative reviews shows up on buyers profiles I have no problem. But that isn’t the case. Buyers want to use the hammer against sellers but they don’t want to face the same consequences.

In my first buying experience on Fivrerr the seller never communicated at all and never delivered the product. How is it acceptable that I can’t leave a review or starred rating to warn future buyers? I wasted my time and needed the work for other projects that now have to be delayed. The seller still has a high 4.5 star rating though there are dozens of cancellations because orders aren’t being fulfilled. How does that make sense?

Reply to @kjblynx: Great analogy!

Reply to @joshuacorrigan:

Any thoughts on how fiverr could set this up in a fair way?

It’s not a perfect system, to be sure. But if you search the forum, you’ll find plenty of explanations as to why buyers aren’t allowed to leave reviews on cancelled orders. Yes, it would be great for buyers to be able to leave reviews on sellers’ gigs where they were legitimately scammed.

However, that’s not the only reason a seller/buyer will cancel a gig and sometimes a buyer thinks they’ve been scammed or wronged, when in reality, they were the one who made the mistake.* I’m not saying that happened to any of the buyers on this thread, I’m just saying that it does happen. On rare occasions, someone orders from me and asks for something far above and beyond what they’ve paid for. Those orders get immediately cancelled–should those buyers have the ability to leave a rating on my gig? On other occasions, a buyer will become aggressive, angry, or demanding (essentially trying to bully me into giving them extras for free). Cancellation to the rescue! But what would sellers do about situations like these if buyers could leave reviews on cancelled orders?

In the recent past, I’d get a few “mistake” orders a month–someone scrolling through on a mobile device who accidentally hit the “Order Now” button. Should those buyers get to leave reviews?

*For example: I had a buyer contact me before ordering–cool, whatever. He then placed an order, but he didn’t actually add instructions to the order page, so it never joined my queue and the countdown clock didn’t begin, assuming that I already had the “instructions” in the private messaging system. It just hung in limbo for about a month, despite repeated attempts to contact him about it. When he finally returned, he was irate that I hadn’t completed the work and just could not understand that it didn’t make sense for me to do work that I had no guarantee of being paid for. We cancelled the incomplete order and he sent me a very angry message about how unprofessional I was. He’s the one who made the mistake–why should he get to leave a review on my gig when he’s the one who did something wrong? Like emeraldawnn said, that’s just an extreme example, but about 20 of my 60 total cancellations would likely result in negative reviews because the buyer did something wrong or became angry when I wouldn’t do extra work for free, etc. etc.

I think it’s important to remember that only a third of your rating really has anything to do with the seller’s behavior. The majority of the criteria has to do with the product/service the buyer receives. If the order is cancelled before a product/service is delivered or if a refund was offered as recompense for a product that did not meet expectations, there’s little reason to rate that order. Also, as a note, cancellations do affect level status and can affect overall rating, so it’s not like a seller can consistently scam buyers and just cancel the orders where someone threatens to complain without real repercussions.

TL;DR: There are far more scenarios in which it would be very bad for buyers to be able to review cancelled orders than scenarios in which it would be good for the marketplace. Like I said, it’s not perfect, but cancellations are currently the only concrete protection sellers have against unreasonable, unscrupulous, or belligerent buyers. Taking that protection away would make Fiverr a very hostile place to work.

Reply to @mgjohn78: I know this question wasn’t for me, but that hasn’t stopped me before, haha! I think there’d have to be some sort of ticket system, in which a Fiverr rep collected evidence/testimony from both sides and made a determination about whether or not the buyer should be allowed to leave a review.

Reply to @emasonwrites: I would support that idea as long as processing fees for the tickets stay reasonable.

What if the seller quits the last gig, but has delivered two previous gigs. The original two are no longer of use to the buyer because he must start over from the beginning. There he sits with two completed gigs of one project and suddenly the seller stops. No review can be made because the seller requests a cancellation. The Buyer is now out the money

as well as time.

If a Seller wants to refuse a gig, he should do it as soon as received, not halfway through a project.

Reply to @robinfg: No one is discounting the validity of your complaints. The fact is, however, that there is currently no viable solution that affords very necessary protection for sellers and the ability for buyers to leave negative reviews on cancelled orders.

I just had to cancel an order because the seller asked for more money after agreeing to the gig, even though all the requirements were sent to them in advance. Changing the terms of the deal after it was agreed upon stinks and it is a shame that there is no way I can warn other people about it.

Old thread but relevant to my case.
I just cancelled my order of a gig (Drive unlimited genuine real traffic to your website for one month ). After the gig started I monitored visitors log and double checked every single IP that came to my site from this gig. And they were all fake proxy’s from 3rd world countries, just pretending to be US visitors. Fake bot traffic instead of genuine visitors.I send proof to seller and of course he didn’t argue and agreed for mutual cancelation. And I can’t write a review! Even though seller is 100% scammer with fake services, I can’t warn other buyers. Seller has 99% positive rating. 33000 reviews = at least 165k $ in his pocket scammed from fiverr buyers. And fiverr protects such sellers. This is wrong, so wrong…

Buying traffic is always dicey, especially from a website like Fiverr. Your best recourse is to report the seller to CS.

I think the system is very unfair for buyers!!
Especially when you deal with an experienced seller, they do not care too much about understanding a client needs. And you get canceled order and can’t do anything to share an experience! FULL NONCENCE for me when the seller has more rights than a buyer and they do not feel any respect or responsibilities.

Unfair for buyers. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha.

The system is geared towards buyers. Look at this:

  1. Sellers punished if they mutually cancel a gig.
  2. Fiverr offers no protection against PayPal chargebacks.Sellers, including myself, have lost $100s, if not $1000s, in completed gigs due to this policy. Even if it is clear the customer is using the content, Fiverr won’t care. They simply offer no protection, even though we give them 20% of every sale.
  3. Punished if we do not respond to messages quickly enough.
  4. Fiverr will (in many cases) allow a person to reject an order over and over again for crappy reasons. They won’t ever mark it as complete. Basically, a person could reject and say “give me free content” and Fiverr won’t do anything about it.
  5. In most cases, Fiverr won’t review feedback left. If somebody left a 1 star rating on my gig and, for instance, said “u suk at riting content.” (i.e. terrible English), then Fiverr would not remove it, even if it is clear that the person leaving the feedback can’t leave feedback.

However, I am going to give you the benefit of a doubt here. I am presuming that you are some sort of stand-up comedian and you are training for a Netflix comedy special with your jokes. If you are, I think you have absolutely NAILED it!

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