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No reviews shown about buyers!

Hello guys,
I dont know if you have noticed or not but this site doesnt shows any reviews which we give our buyers on the order which is very very wrong for a transparent marketplace. Its not about feedback being good or bad but it should be very clearly shown on the feedback section.
**Isn’t this is supposed to be un-baised platform for both sellers and buyers? BUT we all know how far fiverr supports it buyers over seller**s.
Earlier when fiverr introduced buyer history feature, it gave a light of hope for hardworking sellers but that was also rolled back. Is that demotivating and demoralizing for all of us? I have noticed that many of my friends who were very successful here , have left this workplace to find alternatives due to this bad policy making process of fiverr.
Does fiverr need buyers only here? DO sellers have no RESPECT no matter how good they are?
We sellers always try to boost this marketplace by offering unmatched services and customer support, even when we are in losses. We are trying our best to build a huge platform for all of us so that there can be an inclusive progress but fiverr doesn’t acknowledge our efforts. Forget about praising or awarding sellers, they just throw them under the bus always.


Shouldnt we must all UNITE to fight against this and force fiverr to take actions against such illegal policies from fiverr???

With Kind Regards,


I am new to fiverr, just join in this month, I get one order from a buyer and when I deliver the order he is not receiving , I message him few time, but he not reply, what can I do now ? he order me Crude Oil trading recommendations when I prepare the report and deliver yesterday , he is not receiving, I also message him few time but he also not reply, here is the link of my sell

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There is already a topic going on this issue… Please check before recreating a thread as thread repeating is against forum rules.


Also, a cancellation can have a negative affect on your gigs.
If an order is cancelled the buyer still has the option to leave a hidden review!!! So you get with time wasted, bad review and no money. It’s deceiving.

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Brother…Welcome to the FIVERR :slight_smile:

Scenario 1: Buyer gives bad review. Seller gives bad review. Buyer cancels account (which is really easy to do) and starts a new account with no review.

Scenario 2: Buyer is also seller, so they can’t cancel. He will ONLY give positive reviews no matter how bad the service is because he doesn’t want negative review to show up on his profile.

Scenario 3: Buyer is also seller. Service was awful or stolen material, he doesn’t want bad review to show on his profile, so he doesn’t leave a review. The seller who gives bad or stolen material will continue with no repercussion.

Scenario 4: I’ll let someone else add this.


Yes that is what the issue is. There is no Security for Sellers here. Is that right ?

As long as you delivered, your buyer should have received the order. Some buyers just don’t Close orders OR leave reviews; if this’ the case, the order will auto-complete 3 days after delivery, but there will be no review. Some buyers also don’t respond after receiving the order; for whatever reason, they just come in, get their order, and disappear. I’ve had a few like that and it IS frustrating, when we so much rely on reviews, but at least you’ll get paid.

Sorry if I hijacked the thread, but I didn’t want to leave the seller’s question unanswered

I agree that Buyer reviews should be available. Within this last week, I got a totally uncalled-for review (3.7) with Communication and Service as Described both being 3s, which is completely false. When I went to CS with proof (screenshots of conversations, to show that I responded within MINUTES AND delivered 2 days early, as well as the description from my gig in question, which clearly shows I don’t provide part of what they requested), CS responded by telling me that the Buyer is free to put whatever kind of review they want, as it’s based on their “total experience”! Now, I can agree that if they weren’t happy, the low score they gave for Repeat or Recommend should be low, but if it’s clearly obvious they lied in their review, that should not be acceptable. At ALL…As it so happens, I responded as I’ve seen suggested here in the Forum. I said something like, “I’m sorry that after TWO revisions, EARLY deliveries, and IMMEDIATE responses, you’re still not 100% satisfied, but in fairness, you did ask for something I don’t provide”. So I can just hope that any other potential Buyers will read that and get the picture.

I think this is the wrong place to ask. You could have posted a seperate post :slight_smile:
Anyway, the order will be marked as complete automatically within three days. So dont worry he already payed fir the service.


Few days back, I got 3 star feedback on a perfectly completed order from a buyer. He even tipped me 20$ on that order. I asked him if i had done and mistake or didnt get to his aspirations, he said it was a perfect product but i feel you deserve only 3 star. Now how do you explain that?


This, in a nutshell, Fiverr! Who is buying your stock?? I want to be Fiverr, not just a seller on Fiverr. There is no reason we can’t be Amazon for freelancers if only we are on the up-and-up on both ends, so please hear us!

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Yes there are some weird ones…

I got one for whom I did 18 revisions, not because the problem was with the work I did, it was because he was continuously changing script and voice over but still i was hell patient with him. At the end he rated me 4 star and when I asked he said, " The work was perfect. I rated you low because I want you to grow. The people I want to see grow, I rate them low so they can strive"

Like Seriously… it ain’t a platform for your values… You get your work perfect, rate it according to how the work was delivered ( not because of your thoughts and principles) and Leave…

Exactly. A service is a product. It’s delivered and with such good customer service that for a few bucks the person does hours of tedious work just to satisfy, underbidding the competition and you say something that implies you intend to seek their services again - I think that’s a win! You won’t get that anywhere else.


I’m also beginning to think we, as freelancers are making the competition too hard and too cheap on each other and it’s coming back to bite us. It’s not a race to the bottom. We need to come together to support each other and to allow a measure of “bad” feedback in a normal range, so that we’re not literally killing ourselves and cutting ourselves short and selling our services short. What we do is valuable and the customer knows. The customer who underrates knows it all too well, and they do it so they keep our services cheap. We need to stop playing into their hands!

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yeah you are right but we cant do anything in this regard… Trust me, there is no solution to it. We dont know about the buyers who contact us ( they dont have any review shown as we have ) and its a luck thing… Either he will turn out a good one or else ______:rolling_eyes:

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That’s a real problem!

I’d like to know the further story of them.
Feel free to send me some private message about these alternatives.
I’m considering the end of my adventure with this corpo.

btw. great post. I agree with your opinion.

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