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No reviews yet. How long should I Wait?

Hello guys. I’m new to Fiverr, I recently created a gig,not received any review or update so far. What could be the problem? Should I wait any longer. I welcome all advises,recommendations, Dos/Donts.
Thanks in advance


First of all you seems to be using Blackpink Jisoo’s image. It’'s big no no to use any copyrighted images on your gig. Even your samples seems to be stolen ? With just quick google search I have found this made in 2014 for an Malaysian novel.
Even your profile description is copied.
Fiverr knows these things. You have been lucky that they didn’t outright banned you yet. So delete your gig fast as possible. Only use your original works.


Hi there.

Here is the useful tips for succesful entrepreneur.
DON’T BE LAZY and learn and do your homework.
I just visited your gigs…, and it’s clearly that you aren’t serious building your gigs.

GIG Cover is very bad.
Plus some sample? Why you give “Sample Words” in your thumbnail?

GIGS description is very very bad…, LYING to your potential buyer?
“more than 10,000 book cover” and you place that three cover?
I have more than 15 years experience in graphic designer., and trust me…, your current thumbnail is BAD.

As professional graphic designer…, We don’t say “2D” Kindle Cover. WHY?
It’s very weirds.

There are so many others thing wrong with your services.
I’m at loss.

My suggestions:
You need to improve your skill first.
From what i see…, you aren’t too familiar with this gigs.

and learn how to build a better gigs.
You can find this important tips ON YOUR ORDER PAGE.
FIverr already provide this for new seller.

Wish you luck,


Thank you so much. I have read your comments and its absolutely true. Thanks again for the correction sir. Could you lead me in creating a new gig that’s original. I’ll share to you what I will create.
Best regards

I already send you the best source on how to make a good gigs.
It’s on that link i share to you.
Watch that course first.
Definitely can help you.

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