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No rules posted but I'm breaking all of them


Posted on Pro Fiverr, was very specific about requirements and rewards, included pictures as well. Set rules of engagement including “follow directions or I’ll cancel” and “if you’re proactive about the errors I will give you a bonus.” It was rejected with no hint as to the problem. There are NO INSTRUCTIONS anywhere so I’m in Kafka-land. You’re guilty and we don’t need to prove it because we own the system. I want to give people money in exchange for services. Fiverr doesn’t want me to hire you. I have no idea how to fix this as there are no rules for posting Pro gigs, and the email rejection came from “noreply.”


I forgot one of the best parts. If I break the rules again, my account might be terminated. The rules that don’t exist anywhere might get broken. That’s fair.


If I can interpret your post - you posted on ‘Buyers’ Requests’ and it was rejected. You’re cross and wondering why? (I do hope I’ve got this right as I’m not sure what you mean by Pro Fiverr in terms of posting a job request.)

This may be what got your request rejected? It does sound a bit threatening TBH.

We don’t know what you asked for, or what Fiverr may not like. Why not ask Fiverr CS - I’m sure they’ll be able to help you if you ask. Good luck! :sunny:


Thank you for your reply. I appreciate it. No, that is not why I am cross. I am confused because my post was rejected for breaking rules, but the rules are not defined anywhere. My account has been threatened if I break the rules that again, don’t exist anywhere I can find them.

Fiverr Pro is advertised on the home page. Buyers can post requests to the seller community via Buying->Post Request.

Without context, I do understand that the text was a bit threatening. I have had “expert” after “expert” lie to me about their skills. From my point of view, it’s tame, but your point is taken.


No problem - thank you for explaining it a bit more. :slightly_smiling_face:

You posted a ‘buyer request’ - I’m not sure if you can ask for just a Pro seller or not. Something in your request obviously made an alarm go off somewhere, but I’m sure if you ask CS they’ll be able to help.

Might you be better just looking through the Pro sellers who offer what you want? No need for a BR then!:wink:


I would stay away from Buyer Requests and go searching for a seller that matches your requirements. Stay away from saying things like “if you … then I will cancel”, no decent seller will entertain you with that kind of attitude - they don’t need the hassle. The ones who will reply to that kind of request are desperate - I wonder why?


The rules might be the ones in the “terms of service” page at the bottom of pages on the main Fiverr site.
If the email/rejection didn’t say what was wrong, you could check the terms of service page to see if you were following the rules there. Buyer requests might be rejected if the system/Fiverr thinks they are seller ads.

There’s a video on this page about posting buyer requests:


thanks very much. I don’t know where “pro sellers” are beyond looking at the top tier on the left side above level 2?


I get that, thank you. Maybe my post was more venting about past hires than entertaining future ones.

Stay away from buyer requests: My understanding of Pro Fiverr was that it would lessen the problems I have had on the regular Fiverr. All I’ve done is regular requests and no matter how much I match my needs to those posted in seller profiles, I get terrible job after terrible job.


Thank you. There’s nothing in Terms of Service regarding Pro Seller posting rules. Control-F Pro Seller on that page, you will see what I mean.

There is no way my post could be interpreted as a seller ad.

Have you watched that video? It’s just an ad for how the site works. Nothing there defines what I might have done to have my account threatened.

Thank you for the educated guesses, though.


It’s not “pro seller” posting, it’s “Buyer Request” posting (pro sellers/those who have pro gigs are just those vetted by Fiverr, eg. their qualifications etc. and usually have a much higher gig price). I watched the video (the one about buyer requests) and it explains how to create and manage buyer requests.

You could contact Fiverr customer support about it if you want. You could also post the text of the request here as that might show what caused it to be denied. Note: The buyer request (assuming that’s what you used, rather than contacting a pro seller), was likely denied by an automated process and certain word combinations might have automatically got the request denied (ie. without it being seen by a Fiverr staff member) eg, by the system thinking it’s a seller ad even when it isn’t.


There is no “Pro Fiverr”, what Pro refers to is individual gigs which have the Pro badge on them - these have been vetted by Fiverr staff.

There is no “Pro Requests” area - Pros can respond to regular requests but none of the Pros I know actually do. When you click through to Pro from the Home Page, you can make some selections and get Pro sellers to show up first, depending on what you have selected.
Note: If you select less than $100, you will not get any Pro gigs showing.


precisely this.
I understand that you may have had a rough time with some sellers but I think it’s your approach. Is you offering price fair? Did you word your request in a way that’s off putting to anyone who actually know what they’re doing and aren’t just desperate? Was what you were asking for explained well and reasonable? I think we may be able to help you craft a request that fits the terms of service if you give us more info.


Agreed it’s not the best way to get Sellers, and it’s obviously a lot better to come up with something well written and pleasant to read. That being said, I can also really see how people in general might get angry on this site, it happens. Sometimes a difficult job is better than none :grinning: (That’s nowhere near the level of other anger I’ve seen here.) Of course, a satisfactory result in the BRs (on either side) is about as likely as becoming Supreme Leader of the Universe, in my opinion.


check it out:![fiver-pro|690x396](upload://hQLxC7kvmwFoKeMBkFpBuYsXCU6.png) It's Fiver Pro.


Hi - no there really is a Fiverr Pro. Perhaps you guys don’t see it as you’re logged in as sellers. Pic:


I can’t figure if I replied to you or not the way this page is formatted, in case it didn’t get to you, here’s a pic of fiverr pro:


HELLO all - the reason the request was rejected was because I put all the good keywords in the attached txt file rather than in the textarea of the posting.


You’re talking about two different things (Fiverr Pro and the Buyer Requests section).

Fiver Pro/Pro Gigs are vetted sellers selling high priced gigs (most are probably >$100).

Buyer Requests is a section where buyers can go to request a particular service from any seller. You can’t, as far as I know, request services in the “Buyer Request” section from Pro Sellers/those with Pro Gigs only (other than if you put that requirement in the text).

Go to the “Buyer Request” section and I doubt you’ll find any mention of “Fiverr Pro” because they (“Buyer Requests” and “Fiverr Pro”) are different things.


That’s an advertisement for “Fiverr Pro” / Pro Gigs but it is different from the “Buyer Request” section. The “Buyer Request” section is not “Fiverr Pro” (any seller, with gigs of any type can send offers in the “Buyer Request” section, ie. most of those who send offers in the “Buyer Requests” section will be normal (non-pro) sellers with normal (non-pro) gigs).