No sale after doing everything suggested


Hi there,
I’m in fiverr from this month. I have read lots of blogs and this forum articles. Followed everything I can do best, but still not getting any sales.

Can anyone help me out here??
Without any selling what should I do in Fiverr!!

…Thanks in advance…


Review your gig description
If you don’t know how to write an engaging gig description then hire someone from Fiverr to write it for you. Right now your gig description doesn’t really explain why buyers should hire YOU and not someone else. Stating that logos are important doesn’t really help you.

Create more gigs and group your logos by style
For example, group 3D logos under one gig, sport related logos under a different gig etc. That way you can optimize each gig for a specific style and buyers who are interested in a particular style will find your logos in one place.
You might wish to review how you present your logos. It looks a bit sloppy, something that you would throw together in 1-2 minutes. You’re a designer, so it matters how you present your work. Check how top sellers present their logos :wink:

Lower your prices until you get a couple of reviews
You can offer vector file with your $5 gig. This isn’t extra effort for you because you will create the vector file anyways. The same goes for high quality images.


Everything @uxreview said, plus: never offer unlimited modifications. This will turn your sales into nightmares because there are tons of buyers who will ask for modification after modification and in the end they will request a cancellation of the order while they still use the work that you have done for them.


Hi there,

I would check your grammar in your gig description plus try to make it stand out.
Also check your tags and maybe switch them up a bit to see if that helps.

Review your gig and see what you would think of it in the eyes of a buyer. Read it aloud as well.
Videos can help too.:slight_smile:


your Gig Description are Too Short and you didnt tell here Why Buyers Choose you , What Exclusive Service in Your gig From Others?

i have a Suggestion, Please hire Someone to Create a Eye catching gig Description for you.



Thanks For your valuable suggestions. I’ll follow these from now.
All of your points are very important. But from my side… Hiring someone is not possible right now, Because of I don’t know it gonna work or not. Let me try the suggested ways that I can do for free, if it starts to let me earn some cash… obviously I’ll invest more and more on Fiverr.

But what I have learnt is -
1. I need to know how to present logos more beautifully.
2. I have to write a proper and good description that will help buyer to choose me.

These two things are important for me for now!
Lets see what happens …

Have a great time, You All!