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No sale even level 2 seller

Hi i am here as blackhat438
i want to know about my sales decrease from last 2 months. No direct orders even i apply on all buyer requests daily. My Best seller gig is on no 1 or 2 page for this keyword only “wordpress design”.
what i need to to get my sales normal ?

I think this keeps happening before August I had no new order for almost 3 months. All work I had was from the old buyers that too very less but I kept working here but last time for 2 weeks my gig ranked and I got some orders but now again from 1 week same issue.

So I think this keeps on happening and we can do nothing. However I can suggest you to change your tags, heading etc may be that might help

Hi sir thanks for writing
my gig is in ranking i can see it only for this key work wordpress design what but in this keyword wordpress website it is on 9th page what i need to do to keep it in ranking for all keywords ?

This is really confusing no none actually don’t know about Fiverr gig ranking most of the algorithm trying but not working but I saw some new seller got many orders but old seller can’t get any new order right now this Fiverr algorithm it’s really work like funnel. :confounded:

yeah i am also noticing that issue that new seller will get orders

If you have a stop the best way is to promote your services outside Fiverr. There are many ways (Social Networking first of all).

Consider it like putting fuel in the machine. It will start moving again.

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