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No sale for me.Please help me out


I have joined Fiverr around 17 days back. I got just one sale in 17 days and that too through Buyer Request.

As mentioned, I have put video for my gigs. Also provided required description. But its not increasing sale.

Can anyone please help me out. I want to increase my sale.


Hi there, I always recommend to those just getting started to do keyword research. See this thread as reference:

Basically, picking out ideal keywords that get traffick’ed, SEO up your gig page a bit, and then. Orders! The thread best explains what I am talking about.


Thanks freelancemm :)…I will try this out.


When I first joined Fiverr… I have not thought of SEO or KEYWORDS on my Gig. I think I just got lucky. I think I got my first ever sale from day 2-4 after joining Fiverr.

What I did was, filled up my profile, uploaded some real pictures and work samples, and have used the BUYER REQUEST feature by sending Gig Offers. I also monitored my TO DO’s 24/7 since the day 1 and quickly responded to every buyer’s inquiry. I’m not working on Fiverr full-time, but I have multi-sourced internet (mobile/4g and fixed DSL) and I used those to be able to get online on Fiverr 24/7. Therefore, being always online on your Fiverr account let’s you monitor your inbox/to-do’s and emails.

The first ever sale I’ve made, was because of my quick response time to a buyer. I am not the first choice really, but the buyer chose me because according to him, I am responding to his messages quicker than the ones he had contacted.


It’s actually quite simple.

You have to promote your own gigs when you start up. Fiverr doesn’t do that for you. Why would they? You need to help yourself at first. Why would anyone promote your gigs if you won’t do it yourself? That’s the only way. And I don’t mean here on the forums either. 99% of the people here, on these forums are sellers, not buyers. Most of Fiverr sales are done through the Fiverr web page, from people who have never even heard of these forums.

Here’s some tips.

Have Facebook? Promote on it.

Hit up your friends.

Hit up your E-Mail list if you have one.

Hit up your family.

Have a website or Blog? Post your gig on there.


Post it there.

You need to promote your own gig to get going.

Once you have some sales and good feedback you may start to climb the Fiverr search results.

Again, anyones success on Fiverr depends on what they’ll do to promote their own gigs. Nothing is given to you. You need to work for it.


Reply to @touchtype: Thanks touchtype…I will try to be online as much as possible…