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No sale in last month


Last month, i got too many orders on my gig (approx. 8 to 10 orders in queue) and this month i got no sale. many people said fiverr changed its search algorithm. i don’t know what happened. Last month my gig ranked on first page. This month fall down to 3rd page.



Thank you so much for your quick reply.


no sales since 3 months I am depressed any one who can help me


You offer something that you can’t do. It’s that simple.
Don’t offer content writing if you can’t write a single sentence without a mistake.
I know it is harsh and will not get you out of your ‘depression’, but all your friends who told you that you only have to put some gigs on Fiverr and the money will start flowing in are idiots.


no I am working on fiverr since 2 years this one is my new account I love writing and I am expert on it


Is that your real picture Sam?


yeap that is my real picure


thanks for the guidance it will be helpful for me thanks again!


You are clearly not, as this quoted sentence already proofs my point to everyone who has basic English skills. You are not one of them.


" I have command over all kind of contents. I have completed my MBA and in Business Administration. :)"

Hello, I am guessing neither of these statements are true.

I don’t think so.


i am not expert in content writing, even don’t provide such gig on my profile. Also i had many orders in last month but in this month my gig ranking fall down.


I would definitely keep a close eye on the buyer requests. If you see any requests that might suit your services, I would respond to the requests with the gig. This is how I’ve gotten a lot of sales and I’m fairly new to this platform. Good luck!


I didn’t reply to you but to sammantha09.


I tend to agree that sales have plumetted over the last few months ,but i still get by weekly with maybe 8 to orders, I feel the whole thing is seasonal ,for example last year May to around September I had an average of 10-15 orders dailly, I almost could not eveen cope ,suddenly everything just slowed down, lets hope for better days ahead.


I would try submitting your gig via the buyer request section to offers that match with your services.