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No sale No earning

please check my gig why buyers does not contact with me

Create more gigs on graphic designs, use buyers request everyday and promote on social media to targeted audience


Dear Farrukh:

What should your Buyers call you? It helps to give a name by which you prefer to be addressed.

I took a look at your profile. Here are my thoughts:

  • Your log line:
    You don’t have one. This is a slogan that goes under your username. You should get one.

*Your profile image:

This seems fine. If this is really you, you should add some spokesperson gigs.

  • Your profile text:

We are professional and certified designers, photographers, and users of Adobe Photoshop, Wordpress, CorelDraw, etc. We are a dedicated team that believes in customer satisfaction. Our team has a lot of experience as designers in different companies. We can do professional photo editing.

Are you a person or a company? Your goal here is to make the Buyer feel they know, like, and trust you.

You should listen to the Fiverrcast Episode “Working Through Language”.

Your gig titles: you should change “with in” to “within” and “prof” to “professional”.

Here’s a checklist to help you improve your gigs.

Good luck,

because of fake profile pic.