No Sale within 60 Days


Hello everyone,

I am new here, and trying to fit me here. Everyday I am Bidding but no Luck. But I am worried that if I am unable to get any work by first 60 days, is there any problem or issue will raise by Fiverr? I am really very confused about this matter.

Thank you



Raksinda you said that you’re sending offers every day and you’re not getting responses.
Well, we can’t help you if you don’t show us what kind of offers are you sending out. Give us an example that we can review and tell you what you’re doing wrong?


Hi uxreview, same problem me, can show you my response text.


Please create your own separate topic


okay thanks for your sapport.


I replied you in detail, but it is in pending for fiverr review


Can you please post your off so we can review your work? This would surely help us a lot in helping you.:blush:


Offer some unique gigs you will get orders, background removal gig is very common and competitive too.
Wish you luck.


I have tried to do that in detail but the message kept for review to fiverr, fiverr not let me post it.


#11 this may let you to know about my offer


Okay, I’ll review it in my free time and let you know what can you improve. :slight_smile:


Hi uxreview,

This my offer link please see it


I am also suffering such kind of problem, no buyer request no order. But hopefully, I will get my first order very soon.


there is buyer request, but no order.


Change your gig regularly until you are getting orders.


Thank you dennis,

so informative your suggestions. But i have some confusions. Please do a little help to understand your suggestions.

  1. you said my GIG picture is good but not so real. do you mean that my profile pic or image I have used in my GIGs. These are all my own work. what flaw make them unreal. what I could do except Video making. I do make video but my images need to look original also. that is why I am asking you.

  2. you said to take help from level 1/2 seller, how I can I do that, is it permissible in fiverr.

please help.


I purchase a lot of gigs on Fiverr for 5 years. Here is my points.

1, Buy from real people with a real photo. For example, your forum picture is much more real than your Fiverr account.
2, How do you prove the gig pictures are from you, not copied from the internet? If I don’t know how to use photoshop, I could also create a seller account like yours now.

3, Not only show your portfolios, but also show how you work and how you getting things done. Result is important, but if you make the process transperant and clear, that would be much more convinced for your potential clients. You could use a video to explain how you work for your clients.


Thank you dennis,

I have change my pic today, I was using the forum pic on my gig. one of my friend said that I should provide a good picture. anyway, I am going back to my real picture.

And I must try hardly what you suggest to drive customer to me.

Thank you again dennis.


Yes, you are providing design service, so you need to make sure your picture looks real, and naturally. Put your logo on your portfolio pictures also, that’s your personal branding. You see, I’m not confidence about my face, so I made a cartoon picture instead, that’s another solution.

Promoting just 1 fiverr gig and make this gig as your main service. That would help to your gig ranking.