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you are awesome, and so much helpful. Thank you. Anyway if you do not mind, can I ask for client recommendation from your part as you advice. Let’s Start if you do not mind with the deal you have said.


There are quite a few problems with your gigs.
However, the main concern is see is that you have 11-years of experience, yet you’re listing freepik templates in your portfolio.

Depending on the license you can use templates, but you should say that. Right now if I was a customer I might think you stole those designs because I’ve seen them before.

You sent me a private message with one of your offers that you’re sending out. I don’t respond to private messages. The whole point of answering on this forum is to share my own experience with others. I don’t do 1-on-1 support.

So I’ll copy/paste it here
“hi this is Raksinda, a graphic designer with practical knowledge of brand management of 11 years. this help me always develop desired LOGO of brand and its stationary and manual. you can visit http://....... looking forward to you.”

  1. Start with the basic grammar check. Your English doesn’t have to be perfect, but simple things like starting a sentence with a capital letter shouldn’t be that difficult. You’re a designer so you have an eye for detail. Show that in your response.

  2. Your offer doesn’t say anything about the request. It’s a canned response. Buyers prefer offers that are tailored to their request. Explain what you will do for them, how you will do it and list any requirements you have for the buyer. Try to engage them by asking relevant questions.

  3. 11 years of experience doesn’t mean much. Instead you can mention your background and biggest achievements. Have you worked with any big brands? Have you done similar work before that you can show to the buyer?

With this type of offer you won’t probably get a response no matter how low your price is. Spend some time on it and focus on the request. Try to address buyer’s primary goal in your offer.
There are plenty of posts on this forum with examples.


Fix your gig description and present it clearly . I have checked your one gig. You have mixed bold and regular text on your gig description.


Thank you so much for your detail suggestions.


Thank You so much for your time to check my GIG and give feedback on that.



One of Fiverr member has suggest me to do this

3, Contact logo designer on fiverr, I mean those level 1/2 seller, their clicent would be your perfect leads. Ask them for sharing your gigs, or post your service link on their gig, and you could pay commission to them,or one time post fee, that might helps your get some initial orders.

is this permissible to do in fiverr??

if so, How can do that?

Thank you



DO NOT do this. It’s terrible advice.

Why would an experienced seller agree to post links to someone else’s gig on their account? 99% of sellers you contact will not agree to this. More likely, you’ll be reported for spam, which could then result in your account being removed from the site. And how would you ‘pay commission’ to these sellers? Any transaction happening outside of Fiverr is also grounds for your account to be removed.

Messaging other sellers asking for work is never acceptable in Fiverr. There are plenty of threads online with age-old tips about how to increase the amount of business you get. Focus on these methods instead.


I was thinking the same, and confused so much how I can pay commission, thank you to showing me the right way.


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Hi @raksinda009 I’m glad you have received some good advice from the forum, but I want to be sure to mention that this idea of contacting other sellers is 100% incorrect. I am sure that it was intended as good advice, but it could get you in very deep trouble. You never want to contact another seller on Fiverr and ask them to help you unless you are offering to pay them for the services that they offer. Contacting other people is considered spam even if it is just one person.

The other advice you’ve been given looks good as far as I read. Keep reading posts by experienced sellers and stay within the rules and you will be fine! Good luck!


Post modified, thanks for the heads up.


keep on. and be patience… best of luck:wink:


I don’t realize your gig image has delivered any specific message to your client. Better you try with eye catchy image which design by you.

Try to more service offer at $5 (because you are new here :wink: )

You write you has 11 years of experience but you are using the lower pixels images on your gig.

Try with more effective and SEO friendly gig title, something like “I’ll be your business card designer”

BEST OF LUCK :slight_smile: