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No saled

In every business, patience is the watch word, you don’t expect to start a business in a few days and make millions in a platform where you have millions of people rendering the same service as you. You will need to be patient, and also utilize all available tools there is to promote yourself and your business just like in the normal business life.
I wish good luck

I tried your suggestions, my French friends didn’t like being covered in feta, they preferred being covered in extra virgin olive oil.

I bought a lottery ticket 2 days ago, why haven’t I WON? :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, “saled” trade. I love this: A mix of crispy lettuce (like iceberg) and some greens like spinach leaves or whatever; at least 2 grated cheeses include a white and a yellow (cheddar and monterrey jack are nice,) some good diced or sweet cherry tomatoes, a few of your favorite legumes (I like pinto beans but black beans or even lentils work great,) and a good measure of corn chips. Tortilla chips work well too, so if you want to be fancy, fry your own corn tortillas.

Mix in a generous quantity of Catalina dressing and don’t use the crappy fat-free or light versions either.

It has a bit of a taco salad feel but the Catalina just makes it fabulous. Some people add or substitute ground beef for the beans but personally I think Catalina goes way better with beans.

Your friends are SO weird. I don’t even have to try this to know that my French friends want to be covered red wine. I don’t mean red wine vinegar, just plain red wine. A white or blush is fine too to avoid staining clothes (which are optional) as long as the wine isn’t too sweet.

@ecovers0000000 Sorry for not getting an order. I understand that your English is not your first language. That’s why you have written the word gig incorrectly. Just contact me and i will help you write your gig description correctly.

  1. Always use the buyer request section to send offers on a daily basis
  2. Make sure that your gigs have videos
  3. Clear and concise gig description( i will help you free of charge
    that’s it

@ecovers0000000 by the way do you have a gig… What are you selling

@ecovers0000000 is from Africa and English is not his first language. This is the reason why he has written the word gig incorrectly. I also understand that he has written no saled, instead of no sales, he was seeking for help and instead of helping him, you put it as if it is a joke saying that you prefer a greek salad

Be patient

I am going to do something I normally wouldn’t and copy part of something I wrote for another post and put it here. I preface it by saying also that part of being in a community is to deal with other people who may react to things differently than you would. That’s OK.

I’ve been teased for typos or saying something that came off weird. It wasn’t racist or classist, it was good-natured silliness. I’ve also been literally bullied on this forum prior to becoming a moderator. While stupid, threats aren’t funny. Some actual humor is human nature, though. Threats aren’t tolerated. Otherwise, try to remember that communities are made up of many components, just like a salad!

Soapbox Post of the Day:

To all users: The forums are public. Fortunately or unfortunately if you read public social media anywhere on the web, you’ll find that public forums are sometimes for those with thick skin. You can learn a lot from a forum just like you could in a public school/university/asylum.

You’ll also find ALL personality types and they will be your teachers, peers, and students. If your preference is to converse with gentle people, seek them out and talk with them and ignore the others. A gentle helper might be useless to someone who needs to hear things bluntly. A blunt person may be a bad match for the mild-tempered. Some people do best learning elsewhere and not using public forums.

It’s your personal choice and if it’s not for you, you can take a deep breath and walk away. Have a good week.

What fonthaunt said is one big part of what makes this forum fun for me. I enjoy seeing such a wide range of different people from so many places.

@essyjoseph thanks for saying something and not anything you are so unique among other fiverr members

I just checked and more than 5 other people have written you real and honest answers with little or no joking. I offer a big thank you to those people who were ignored.

I have the same thread before but as mam admin font advice is surely correct. heheheh. It takes 1 month and 3 to 4 week she says. However, I am lucky to have seller within a week. I think it depends on your skills and on the ‘Buyer Request’ section and originality of gig criteria as well. Before, I was kind of getting crazy why no sale and complaining like a brat. but now, I am too scared to have a lot. Lol! They just pop out in my inbox that I am getting rattled. Therefore, I think the best option is ‘Buyer Request’.