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No Sales, Advice for my Gig?

HI, I am new on fiverr and started three Gigs about 5 days ago. I have had loads of impressions but no orders and was looking for advice. My gigs are:

You are offering something that thousands of other sellers, with more established profiles and loads of reviews, also offer for the same price. Why would anyone order from you? What are you doing to stand out from the pack?


Fiverr is a place of patience. Here is a lot of expert sellers. And you are like a born new baby here. Though I am also new here. The things you can do is, offer more with less price, share your gig on social media, use “buyer request” option, visit forum site and participate in the discussion, read Fiverr blog and visit another related gig.
Good luck and best wishes. :slight_smile: