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No sales after a month

Hello there…

I just joined fiverr last month. I already have a couple of impressions on my gig but no sales yet. Kindly help check out my gigs and post your honest feedback.
Profile is

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Hello Eddie,

the transcription and the copytype Gigs have the most potential.
The copytype Gig seems to offer an excessive number of pages (up to 50 in 3 days).

As a general rule I wouldn’t advertise delivery times in hours (12 hours in the case of the transcription Gig). The profile pic suggests the idea of… a relaxed person :smile:, maybe some buyer would expect to see a different posture.

Take a look to the Buyer Requests section but do not apply blindly.
In the beginning I would avoid the resellers.


Thanks for your honest feedback… My most sincere appreciation

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