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No sales after a promising start

My gig statistics has dropped in the last few months with no sales. I made more than 10 sales with excellent reviews in the first month and ever since then my Sales and Gig impression has reduced.

Don’t really know what happened, I’ve tried all i could


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My last sale was on August 6th, today is August 15th. I have 7,727 completed orders, I was a Top Rated Seller at one point. Then go demoted all the way to level 0, then rose to level 2, then back to 0, today back to 1.

Why does it happen? Who knows? It could be anything, such as where you appear on your search results, your gig titles, your prices, gig image, spelling mistakes, etc.

It used to be that if you charged $5, your sales were almost guaranteed, not anymore. So now people are charging $10, wondering if they should be charging $20.

My advice to you is don’t be afraid to make changes until you get a sale. Some make changes everyday, some every week. Lately, I decided to change one gig per day.

Also, don’t expect Fiverr to be your full-time job. Fiverr is better as a hobby.