No sales after mid May 2017


Can someone explain this? I am working on Fiverr since 2012 June. I have over 2800 reviews with almost all 5 star. But all of a sudden on this May I lost sales without any justifiable reason. I can’t understand this phenomena. Can somebody explain why is that? And how should I overcome that? Any Fiverr CS can answer?



Same here.

I didn’t get a single message or order since mid-May. As a level 2 Seller for 16 months that was very unusual.

IMHO, I think that every time the administrators do an update to the system things get messed up for a bit.


it is my same problem.i am level 2 seller but no order.


its coming into summer, a lot of people are not working, taking breaks, on holiday or dont need anything from fiverr for the summer. I am the same around this time, sometimes thats just the way it is :frowning:


Same with me, the sales completely stoped. I see the top sellers are getting much more work, because you can only find them via Recommended and the newcomers, others are completely removed from the search.



I respect your idea, but I can’t accept it. I will accept it if there was no summer in last 4 years. During last 4 years I didn’t have an fluctuations. I got continuous sales irrespective of the summer, winter and etc. I feel like something wrong. But I do’t know what it is.


Hi there,
I am also unable to get any offers and messages since starting of May, never happened earlier. My Promotion gigs are also stuck since february with no news views and updates.
I think it is the system issue and we need to report it more often than not, so programmers can try to resolve this and other relating issue.


Change in the search algorithm, yo

And also in the use of tags

I’m also here since 2012 and due to being always updated with those things I have even more sales than ever…

That’s it, don’t dispair



CS will never help in increasing sales. I also have sales issue after February - I get orders but not how I used to get. Fiverr has been changing their search algorithm. Waiting for their good news announcement. :frowning:


No order has nothing to do with sommer holiday. I work in a marketing department at a medium size company-we are pretty busy in these months.
I have been in Fiverr for 3 months. In first 2 months, I got some orders without any effort at all. Then I got inspired. I added Gig video and promotional activities in Face. Those efforts gave backslash. I have not got any order in 3rd month. However, I got thousands impressions, huge clicks. I get messages, too. But when I reply, I do not get any response


The Reason is here:


I am agree with you, fiverr wanna kill any average seller, my friends who have 100-300 positive reviews didn’t receive any order because their gigs not appear on search result.

Its really2 about bad and worst algorithm, not because fiverr traffic is low.


There are lots of people having slow sales from newbies to TRS. There are also people who are still selling well. Customer Support doesn’t respond on the forum. A staff member did post in May to say that there were tests going on and that there was no definite time period planned.

To overcome it, your best bet right now is to take the slow time to polish your gigs and skills. Besides that, find ways to promote your own gigs outside of Fiverr. It is always a good idea to diversify as well. Relying on one platform as a sole source of income is rarely wise unless you have substantial savings to sustain you through dry periods.

You’ll see lots of posts discussing theories on all of this on the forum, but self promotion, expanding your income sources and developing patience are solid suggestions and not just guesses. Other than that, though, if you want to read all the theories just look around and you’ll find them.


There’s no good announcement, the new algorithm will be permanent i’m already contacted CS.
Now it will kill regular/average seller


It is weird, never been this slow for me too


I don’t know, I have the same issue. I’ve been on Fiverr since Jan. 2014. Income is almost non-existent now. I’ve been actively signing up on other sites now, as I need the income!


Show a screen shot where Fiver Staff / CS stated to you that the new algo is permanent.
If you can do that, then I will believe that. No algo is ever permanent.


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If they told you that then you should be able to post a screenshot.


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