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No sales anymore?

Hello Fiverr community!

Last 2 months, I thought my business got finally started for real! (after a year). I got multiple orders every day again. At the end of last month, I got a few buyers who left really bad reviews. They bought a $5 gig and wanted every extra for free? - I asked them to cancel, but they didn’t. Now, my rating is 94% and suddenly there are no sales anymore for more than a week. Would there be a solution to get my gigs (especially the Facebook cover one) in the spotlights again?


you need to promote your gigs in social media and other platform also, and please improve your gig title, description and TAG again.
you need to wait few days, then see result. i am sure you will get orders soon. thanks

Business can be up and down for everyone. Just continue advertising and your gigs will start to flourish. x

Thanks for the advice!

Hope so! :slight_smile:

Dear Every day i get Up to 50 views & impression average Each continiously last 5/7 day but my gig don’t move last section from the average customer reviews.
please need help