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No Sales? - Are You Sure Your Gigs Are Still Listed?

A while ago now, I created a new video/video editing gig. This was going to be my first $100 starting price gig. Strangely, though, it never got listed anywhere in the Fiverr search. As a result, it got something like 87 views for the entire time it was live and no orders.

Thinking that perhaps Fiverr thought my gig video a bit too risque (because of a scene of two ladybirds mating) I deleted this gig. Then I started over, created a new video, new description, and relaunched. Sadly, though, this gig also failed to appear anywhere in the search, even though I created a separate new writing gig at the same time, which was listed immediately. (And which used a similar style of video.)

Anyway, in the end, I decided to simply not offer these gigs on Fiverr. However, now I have noticed something very odd.

Being nosy, I searched the other day for ‘real estate videos,’ just to see how flooded Fiverr was with sellers selling the exact same stolen video templates from Video Hive. (For people whom don’t know, I used to be a very successful legitimate real estate video seller, before being suffocated out of the market by such sellers.)

Surprisingly, I quickly realized that the majority of my old competitors are no more. Also, now just 6 pages of search results appear, whereas my gigs used to appear as far back as page 10 or 13.

Remembering a couple of my top competitors’ usernames, I then decided to search for these to see if they were still active, and then things got interesting. This is because my top old competitor is still active and all of his old gigs appear as usual on his seller profile page. They just don’t appear anywhere in the Fiverr search. Also, his last delivery was apparently 2 months ago.

So… Could it be that Fiverr now removes sellers from the search without even notifying them? i.e. A gig has been flagged or a gig is considered not in Fiverr’s editorial policy and is removed but not actually suspended?

Given the cull of my old competition, (or at least most of it). I am thinking about relaunching one of my old real estate video gigs when I have time. In this case, I guess I’ll see then if it gets listed or not. (And there will be absolutely no reason why it shouldn’t). In the meantime, though, if you have gigs which have suddenly stopped selling, it might be worth checking to see if these are actually still listed. :slight_smile:


the problem is (or it could be the another problem), I could not search my own gigs even if when I’m online :cry: and I don’t know why.
I do 24 hours online anyway :roll_eyes:
from the search, Find Services => online (Seller Status), Idk why but the list is full with the offline sellers and that make no sense :sweat_smile:


It’s been a while since I’ve searched my keywords to look if my Gigs were still visible. Well, just checked a minute ago, and only ONE out of SIX are visible with the keywords. What the?!

This probably also explains why my gigs are receiving way less views than I used to.


To bump this thread, I still have the same problem. 5 out of six gigs are not showing with the correct keyword-search.

I’m sure I remember reading, but I could be wrong,that if you had more than one gig, in the same category, only one will show up within a keyword search?

Since when is that a thing? It’s correct I have almost all gigs in the same niche, but this has never been a problem, up to now.

I’m sure I saw it quite a while ago, like more than a year ago.

Not sure if I can find it again though.

Have you asked CS to check it for you?

I’ve send a ticket three weeks ago, it’s still open. I will try to ‘reset’ my keywords for my gigs, maybe that’ll help.

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