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No sales at all, Maybe (COVID-19) is the reason? :(

First of all, Maybe some of you know me very well because I was a really active user on this forum but then I stopped posting here for some reason. I was busy working on my other projects & for sometime I even stopped working on Fiverr but now I’m back here. You guys can discuss with me on any topic & If you like fighting on some topics then try me because I don’t take things personally very easily.
Just kidding :blush:

I don’t know why but I’m not getting any orders at all. No messages… Nothing :frowning:
Maybe Coronavirus is the culprit because mostly all of my buyers are from USA. Recently one buyer told me that work is very very slow here in the US.

Today POTUS (Donald Trump) declares national emergency to combat Coronavirus so I don’t think my sales will get any better in next few days. Recently, I watched this Australian news channel where 2 ladies are fighting for a toilet paper & I was like ***.

I even contacted Fiverr Support team today & they responded:

“Fiverr does not guarantee impressions, clicks or views for your Gig. We provide a marketplace for you to advertise your Gigs, and it is up to you to make them appealing, and promote them outside of Fiverr to increase the number of views your Gig receives.”

Typical Fiverr response :wink:

What do you think guys??


My inbox went dead on Thursday (was it when the state of emergency was declared?) Then I got an order that was canceled before the requirements were even submitted because the event the project was for was canceled. I’m already at nearly 50% of my monthly revenue now so it could be worse, I suppose.

Fiverr obviously can’t force people into spending money or committing to new projects when they’d much rather panic or just reschedule things and restructure budgets until we get a clearer picture of where all of this is going.


I am going to carry on from the comfort of my home as much as possible and then just see what happens. :woman_shrugging:

We are lucky about working from home.


Don’t worry, You will get some orders really soon. I really suggest you to lower your prices on both of your gigs. $55 for a flyer is not cheap for some Fiverr users but yeah $55 for a unique poster is a pretty good deal. Btw, If you’re not depended on Fiverr then it’s ok to raise your prices. Actually in my case, I’m 100% depended on Fiverr right now.

I can assure you that our current situation is temporary & we will get more projects really soon :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes you’re right. 9-5 job was a nightmare for me that’s why I’m working as a full time freelancer here. For me one of the best parts about being a freelancer is that you aren’t accountable to anyone except yourself so we can do whatever we want :upside_down_face:


@wpfalcon yes i have also noticed a decrease in impressions and orders from my gigs in the last 2 weeks or so, the economy in china and u.s are also taking a hit so im pretty sure the Covid-19 has a lot to do with it. let’s just pray that everything goes back to normal and that we can defeat this thing. :pray:


I really suggest you to lower your prices on both of your gigs.

Uh no. $55 is a steal for the quality of work she delivers. And you’re definitely paying for more than the graphic. Communication is :star::star::star::star::star:, and the smoothest graphics orders I’ve had are with her. If anything, the prices should go up, not down.

Aside from that, I know a lot of places are canceling events, but churches are having to ramp up the graphics and content to compensate for the online services we’ll be doing until it’s safer to be in large gatherings. Plus, Easter is coming up. The Bible belt has been busy.

None of my writing projects have changed any, but I’m mostly doing long term work now and less short stories, so that’s probably what’s maintained the stability in my sales.


My prices work fine for me. Especially considering the amount of work each of the designs take. Doing tons of work for peanuts is not something I’m looking for.

The issue, I think, is more about what is being sold. I might have to rethink the kind of services I provide or expand.

According to multiple experts, the current situation is only at its beginning stages. I don’t feel overly optimistic but we’ll see about that.


:sob: :sob: (Recent delivery 15 days ago. )

I’m feeling emotional right now, God is testing my patience for no reason :cry:


ah, same tragic story :frowning:


Same thing for me… No new orders for the last week and impressions and views are decreasing very hard


I’m truly sorry :slightly_frowning_face:


Yes, It will not work. Actually all our buyers are (business owners) & their businesses are getting destroyed by this Coronavirus outrage. So if you’re a seller like me then you have to message them directly or create an offer for them in the conversation area so they can order your services directly from that page. Don’t expect new buyers these days just contact your previous buyers for more work. Recently one guy contacted me about my speed optimization gig & he was running a (travel website) I told him to order my Standard package but then he asked lots of questions about my pricing so again I told him that your current requirement is not available in my basic package.

Funny part: He never replied again :grin:


No order…no message…


no order ,no new buyer


Hello everyone! Same here! 3 weeks and just 1 order, Impressions decreased a lot in few days!


I’m experiencing the same thing. Impressions and views have really decreased.
2weeks now, no order. Except from one of my returning buyers.
I hope everything goes back to normal soon.


Hey! Same from me.

I think COVID-19 has something to do, but not all of it. I’ve been having the same issues for the last 3 months. My sales went from $1K per month to $250 or less. I’ve always been in page one of my category now I’m in page 9 all of a sudden. I don’t improve despite I share in social media, lower my gig price, I only get 5 stars reviews lately,

HOnestly, I don’t know what else to do


I already decrease my price of the gig now I provide Video streaming website like youtube only on $5 it actually works $300 but still I can not get any order now I am very discouraged and tried :pensive:


Definitely it’s because of what’s happening right now in the world, so let’s unite and stay calm!