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No sales at all, Maybe (COVID-19) is the reason? :(

I am new seller and I’ve zero sell. Maybe it’s because of Covid-19 :innocent:

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@alamin_wdev (WordPress Designer and Front-end web developer)

same tragic story I don’t know what else to do

I am a full stack web application developer and I have no job from last 4 months … I lost my ranking 2 gigs from the first page … Not getting orders and I’m so deepresed for this …

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dont worry
dont lose hope
keep sending buyer request.


Yes… Even I’m also making my skills on the higher level… Let’s see what happens


Do your best, Improve your skills & yes please stay positive buddy :upside_down_face:

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You absolutely nailed the issue!

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Has anyone gigs started to pick back up?

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I can’t any dear. Why can’t Bayer knock me?

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Be Paitent. Its Life Ups and Downs Part Of Life. Soon Everything Will be Fine.

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I have got 54 sales in last 20day.

covid 19 is a big crisis for all of us

I just can’t understand why my gigs’ analytics declined all the way from over 3,000 plus to merely 350. This is just weird to me.

I just got a order 3 days ago after waiting for almost a month. You will also get orders. Just don’t lose hope


Thank you for the motivation! :pleading_face:


Great to hear! Thanks for sharing

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Can anyone please help me that is my gigs are properly ready or not ?
I’m a web application developer and a wordpress customizer.I serv the wordpress and programing services. I’m new on fiverr but I have completed 12 orders with 5 star…But last 4 monts I’m not getting any kind of massage or order…
I’m getting deepresed day by day. Is anyone here who can help me ?
Here is my profile :
I just want to know that why not getting orders or massages for last 4 month…

I’m also not get any order last 7 days, Because of my Level One batch Down, Can you help me for get orders?

mee too. i am really not get a any single order and i gig imression day by day down. i don’t know when i get a single order. pry for me and wish you best off luck

so sad to hear…what kind of services you provide ?