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No sales at all, Maybe (COVID-19) is the reason? :(

Has anyone gigs started to pick back up?

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I can’t any dear. Why can’t Bayer knock me?

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Be Paitent. Its Life Ups and Downs Part Of Life. Soon Everything Will be Fine.

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I have got 54 sales in last 20day.

covid 19 is a big crisis for all of us

I just can’t understand why my gigs’ analytics declined all the way from over 3,000 plus to merely 350. This is just weird to me.

I just got a order 3 days ago after waiting for almost a month. You will also get orders. Just don’t lose hope


Thank you for the motivation! :pleading_face:


Great to hear! Thanks for sharing

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I’m also not get any order last 7 days, Because of my Level One batch Down, Can you help me for get orders?

mee too. i am really not get a any single order and i gig imression day by day down. i don’t know when i get a single order. pry for me and wish you best off luck

so sad to hear…what kind of services you provide ?

Guys please let me know if you all are still experiencing this issue. I mean no orders, messages. Nothing :frowning_face:

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I am not getting order either message.
Please help me.

Let us hope this corona crisis will come to an end soon. :mask:

Let’s say maybe COVID-19 has created too much tension even in the freelance industry. I finished high school last year and I know how to develop websites using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I am really good at it and I thought this year was my time to put my skills into use.

All over sudden while I was still doing the national examinations, COVID-19 bumped in. My brother is a professional freelance but he started freelancing a decade ago. He told me the challenges I am getting now may be the impacts of COVID-19.

This various came with many negative impacts. Other than killing people it is also killing the economy. Countries like USA that are know to outsource their jobs to third world countries like where I am from are also struggling to secure jobs for themselves. Hopefully all will be well soon.

Best Regards,

Don’t worry you will get orders soon

So till June I was getting good numbers of orders but from the beginning of the July month, I started getting few to zero order now. Not even a single inquiry.
I don’t know what is happening with the Fiverr search system. I use to get multiple inquiries in a day but now it’s zero.

Can some help me please.
I’m totally dependent on Fiverr.

@sachinsoni569, perhaps the problem is that you have been expecting all of your orders to come from Fiverr, and you aren’t doing anything to reach out to – and market to – the people who actually need your services. There is nothing “wrong” with the Fiverr search system. You just aren’t doing everything YOU can do to connect with your target market. Perhaps your target market isn’t confined to the Fiverr search system.


Same problem here, The Coronavirus spreading everywhere and some business got shut down. I hope all will be fine when the vaccine released.

I received an order from the US after 8 days. I think all sellers having the same problem like me. We are lucky about working from home. :mask:

Anyone have any idea about the OXFORD COVID vaccine, when coronavirus vaccine is going to come?