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No sales at all, Maybe (COVID-19) is the reason? :(

My dear i want to ask one thing from you please respond
After i have completed my first order on fiverr with 5 star review(6days ago) i stopped recieving buyer requests from then till now i have not recieved at least one.can you tell me the reason behind it??


I want to do my best for starting new work in this situation.

same here , i m new on fiverr, it’s been 1 and half month, i have completed 6 orders from buyer request, but from the last week no buyer request and no orders also . i think it happens due to covid 19

You receive 5 stars 6 days ago ?
Your last review from buyers years ago.

Do you have another account ?
Hey, its illegal to have another account, you know…

I feel like I’ve gotten about the same amount of orders since Covid happened. Not sure if it’s because it’s a remote thing and voice acting can be done anywhere almost but it’s been about the same here

i do it from yesterday , is this work ?

not received order last 2 months ago, idk what happen to my account :sob:

Hello people, will you guys help me. I am not getting orders from last 15 days and i am totally out of work. Do you guys experiencing the same?

Fiverr Shows Buyer Request to Leveled Sellers., And Show buyer request to new sallers for limited time in a Day,

in Pakistan they Shows Buyer Request to new sallers On 08-09 PM

And also another reason is that , there are not submitted any buyer request.

Hi Adsensewizard,Can you share your ideas with us ? how do yoy get 20 _30 order per day and even still getting one order per day
It’s really appreciating.Can you please give me some suggestions how to send buyer request?

Yes. Situation is now going worse. Order slow is very less. May be it will overcome soon.

same here
even i dont get buyer request

I have never sent any buyer requests. But I was “one of the first sellers” on Fiverr, so it was very easy to find buyers without doing anything, besides to be friendly, professional and treat every buyer like they were your last one, so everyone is more than happy with the service they received. :slight_smile: Then a gig jumped to first page guaranteed and stood there permanently.

But these days there’s hidden requirements to stay on First page, which have nothing to do with buyer satisfaction or gig quality.