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No sales at all, Maybe (COVID-19) is the reason? :(

We can’t do anything right now, I don’t think any kind of promotion will work at all :frowning:

I’ve told them to start a Relief fund Campaign for Non US Based Freelancers :pray: :pray:

No regular orders since last 15-20 days

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Don’t worry, We will win this battle against Coronavirus pandemic :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi now is a very hard times for all of us and we should think in a way to help each others in this period many offices and businesses are stop working and there is very few people in a streets. And because of pandemic there isn’t much to do now it’s time to hold and rethink our actions, if you don’t have orders you can always sharpen your skills, I don’t like your sarcastic notice about fiverr’s answer, as fiverr do a lot to make this platform best possible place for all of us by promoting and attracting as many customers as it’s possible. So what we do with our work to support fiverr’s growth? I can’t understand people who think that fiverr owe them anything. Can I ask you why you don’t have buyers? Why you don’t make them return? You need to provide the best possible work to make them forget about other places, you must give them quality that they will not get in other places I’m not speaking about price believe me if you have money you will buy a Porsche rather than Fiat if you know what I mean so every customer ready to pay for a good product as they understand that with that they will look better and can success, every time lowering prices and giving even low quality product isn’t the way we should try to keep on fiverr. I recommend to read more and study better to become a better skilled in what you do every time you have a time this is the only way to attract more customers. In these days the whole world is fighting with unseen virus which is not a joke and because of massive isolation it’s very natural that everything will loose the grip and become more slow so imagine if every seller who have a drop on sales will message to fiverr and ask why they aren’t get as many orders as they want? I have printed flyers and hire 2 girls to share them with people I buy a places to make advertisements I go to different forums and workshops I meet people and tell about my business on fiverr I try to advertise as much as I can my gigs. I’m not a specialist in this maybe I do many wrong things but I try at least I don’t seat and ask fiverr to give me a buyers I have a buyers outside of fiverr I invite them I recommend them to use fiverr I’m an artist designer I never do marketing I don’t understand much and it costs me a lot of energy and I feel not comfortable doing that many things but I know that if each of us will try to do something which will help fiverr that will be only good for all of us. Sorry if I write anything wrong or anyhow you can think I offend in any case please don’t take this personal I just speak in general it’s about my feelings and thoughts which I follow, you can give me your opinion and I can learn from it much, thank you and stay safe we all should try to pass through this with understanding and compassion to each other stay safe


First of all, Please accept my deepest condolence. Recently, Armenia reports first death related to coronavirus which is pretty sad :frowning:

You’re right, If I’m not getting any orders then there is something wrong with me. Maybe my gigs, images, title, keywords & my skills are not not working for me. I will change them & improve my gigs & skills soon. But please note: I’m not bashing Fiverr here & I’m not complaining about not getting orders :slight_smile:

I started this discussion to verify that if (COVID-19) is the reason for not getting any sales right now. And yes I was right. (This Coronavirus pandemic changed the world including Fiverr) Usually I receive 5-6 messages per day or sometimes 2-3 orders a day. But from last 26 days, No one is contacting me & no one is ordering my gigs which was pretty strange for me that’s why I started this.

Repeat customers are the reason of my survival on Fiverr. I’m a seller here for more than 6 years now so yeah I know what I’m doing here. I often advertise & promote my gigs on different platforms & yes on on my social media accounts as well. I even have a “Marketing budget” for my gigs. Yes, I usually invest my 20% earning on advertising which is essential for my online business. When I’ve started in 2014 the competition for me was not that strong. Yes “My Main Job was to speed up wordpress sites much faster” & that time no one was competing with me.

You can go to Fiverr & just search this: wordpress speed optimization (You will find 100+ gigs about speed optimization) Yeah exactly like the logo ones. Everyone is a expert in this field now :slight_smile: I’m talking about wordpress speed optimization here.

2014 (When I was just 18-19 years old kid) 2020 (When I’m 24 right now & much for experienced & professional)

So yeah I improved a lot & yes even my personal life is changed now :wink:
I stopped working here for more than 2 years because of some personal reasons but when I started again in 2019 everything about this marketplace was changed. Fiverr PRO area, You can take skills & other tests. So I was happy that they’re improving this marketplace but then I activated the paused gigs & realized that no one is messaging me. I searched my gigs & found out that every other seller is offering my services, which was just shocking for me. I invested my time & money on my profile & then orders start coming again. I even messaged my previous buyers so they can know that I’m back here :slight_smile:

Everything was normal that time then in January 2020 my impressions, views & clicks were decreasing every single day. (Strange) right!!

I contacted Fiverr support & they told me that everything is fine with your account but I still told them to check it again & they replied: Everything is normal but I can feel that everything was not normal that time. February was a pretty good month for me but then this March month destroyed everything :frowning:

I can’t even express my feelings with you, I’m so sad & worried right now. & please don’t say sorry to me & yeah I don’t take anything personally so don’t worry :grinning:

Stay home, stay safe


I lost a job directly because of this virus. The entire project was cancelled by the client and it affected not only me but other freelancers too.


I’m really sorry to hear that :slightly_frowning_face:

Well, businesses are operating less and less during this time so it makes sense that commerce in general will die down.

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Covid-19 has affected not only freelancers but webmasters as well. I have two websites and traffic is almost reduced to 40%, CPC is also low. People around the world are worried and searching just about Coronavirus and it is the reason behind less sales. I personally think the situation will improve after around 30 days i.e after 20 to 25 April. Let’s be positive and be at home to defeat this pandemic.


New seller, started 3 and half months ago. Its been good for me from the start and now my march earnings have dropped. I was getting 2 to 3 orders daily and how the things were i going, i was gonna hit 1000$ for march or atleat 900$. but last 2 weeks were harsh.

One order in queue and stuck on $556 for march. but i think that is still a great number as i am from Pakistan and the conversion rate is massive.

Lets pray that this pandemic end soon.


You’re right :frowning:

The world is at war with the invisible army of the new coronavirus but don’t worry we are fighting right now & we will win this war.

Hopefully everything will be normal soon :slightly_smiling_face:

I personally think the situation will improve after around 30 days i.e after 20 to 25 April.

I hope so :slightly_frowning_face:

Don’t worry, COVID-19 pandemic will end soon. But yeah $566 is still a good number & you can survive with your family for more than 2 months in any Asian country :slightly_smiling_face:

My total earning are $36 this month & I’m afraid that me & my family will face some issues in next month or so but I’m trying my best & my views, clicks & impressions are increasing from last 2 days. I hope I’ll receive some orders soon :slightly_frowning_face:

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I have one order only for a logo of an online learning platform. I thought there will be some activity regarding the e learning and online services, but it seems like this is the only order I will get as there are no new messages at all.

I hope you are all safe and well.


I have not received any buyer request for three days today.I do not know how everyone will go forward to pray for me :disappointed:

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it’s a very tough challenge. already covid 19 affected 199 countries. estimated death 28000+ till today.
i think it’s a calibration period for the earth and people. our elders really don’t know what will happen next. people are dying like it’s the end of the earth.


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Don’t worry, Please remember this: You have to fight through some bad days to earn the best days of your life :upside_down_face:

Stay home, Stay safe :slightly_smiling_face:

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Don’t worry, We’re fighting & we will win this war against COVID-19 together. I hope everything is back to normal soon :slight_smile:

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To be honest, I am getting sick of people trying to remind me of the impact on businesses. I have a friend who secured the lease on a restaurant just before this. He was due to open in a few days, can’t, and is still contractually obliged to pay $1,200 rent each month for the next year.

I know a couple who own a shop who can’t open and are stuck in a similar boat with no income coming in.

I use a mobile grocer to buy my groceries who is now no longer able to do his rounds, and the last time he was here last week, there was a pretty depressed guy I know asking how many individual eggs he could buy with what change he had.

I live on a street of bar and restaurant workers, none of whom are going to be able to pay their rent very soon. Any who are foreign have also been told that if they do not have jobs or are not economically self sufficient, they will need to go back to their own countries by the government. - Despite the only airport being closed.

Now it seems like every time I come here, I have someone I do not know from Adam asking me to help them out, think of them, or do something to help fight Covid-19 by donating my time or skills for free to nondescript charitable causes.

I’m very sorry that you are experiencing hardship. However, like it or not, nobody here can help. It is really as simple as that and the worst thing you can do is continue going around in circles asking people to care or help. Instead, you need to figure out how to help yourself.

Sorry to be brutal, but that’s the way it is. .