No sales been a month


Hello everyone I am new to Fiverr, but I have had a ton of impression numbers on my stuff and clicks yet no sales at all and I have been on here about a month ago. I have tweeted my stuff and shared it on Google and still nothing. Any suggestions? Thanks and God bless!


@julipalmer7 how to send out buyer requstes


Have you tried sending buyer’s request everyday? Best wishes.


Click on your username when you sign in, under sales you will see a list of options click on buyers request. It will direct you to a list of request by buyers, choose the one thats relevant to your gig. Good luck.




if your rating under 9 you can’t submit buyer request it’s happening to me so i have to promote my gig self. so sad. T_T


Hello, keep your head up! My first Fiverr order arrived after 2 months. And yeah, checked out buyer requests. :slight_smile: