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No Sales? Booming Economy?

Hi Fiverr’ss

Is it possible that with a booming economy (In the Grand Ole’) anyway, that more clients are on holiday?
I cant help correlate the June/July slow down with something positive.
Could it be people simply have more (leisure time) and are enjoying an actual holiday?
Other countries also are doing so well they now have widespread high speed internet for the first time. Hence more competition.
The “Feast or Famine” seems to be the new norm.
August i’m hoping will be a refreshing turnaround.


Holidays have nothing to do with this. Last July was one of my best months. And it’s not everyone who is feeling the downturn. I see lots of sellers with a lot of orders.


I expect an upturn soon. I have a lot of clients who are regulars. I also have some plans for new gigs.


I am also facing low sales this month so it might be because of the holidays. Hope the upcoming month will be great :crossed_fingers:

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I’ve got less orders but higher priced ones. And, I’m perfectly okay with that. I have a couple of new clients but mostly returning ones. Of course, I’ve already earned over the slow months of the year so that’s fine too.


I’m getting nice sales and lots of them all at once then silence for a day or two

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Hi there @steve_maxell, nice to meet you.

Just because it is summer here does not mean it is summer elsewhere?? People buying all over the globe.

AMEN :pray:

In addition to what you’ve said, but what about all these new Freelance Platforms, they need to take a piece of the cake as well. :thinking:

Best of luck!!

Warmly, Humberto


It is summer in the Northern Hemisphere, and 88% of the world’s population live in the Northern Hemisphere. An even higher % (greater than 95%) of all Fiverr buyers are from the Northern Hemisphere.

So, while what you say is true (generally speaking), it doesn’t hold true in case of more than 95% of Fiverr buyers (which is a more pertinent statistic for Fiverr sellers).

I think so, too. :+1:

However, there’s one difference this time around. This time around, it’s not just the mek-sells complaining about a lack of orders. In fact, many established sellers, too, have reported seeing a significant drop in their sales (Enduring the Fiverr Drought!). :thinking: If holidays are not the reason why, there must be something else going on in the background affecting traffic on Fiverr (could be the IPO; no one knows for sure).


The economy is far from booming. At least, in real terms. Here in Malta (as happens every year) the government has boasted about how tourist numbers are at record levels and the economy is booming.

In reality, this is the deadest tourist season I’ve ever experienced. Half the restaurants are empty, all are closing early, nightlife activities wind down at 12am. (You used to be able to lounge in a bar until 3am and still find somewhere open to get a takeaway on the way home.)

You do have the summer slowdown in freelancing. However, when you freelance in a way where you offer services to aspiring entrepreneurs, you are dependent on those entrepreneurs having healthy credit card balances. As it is, there is a nice juicy consumer debt bubble getting ready to burst, and the real economy is a bit sickly as a result. If your sales are down that could be the reason.


Do you think it’s Fiverr’s advertising that’s the issue?


Last year July was my best month. It seems to coincide with the IPO but we don’t know what’s going on. It will get better though.


It would seem that Fiverr is trying to push more grass roots affiliate marketing. That might signal a change in active/ centralized marketing spend behind the scenes. However, I don’t think Fiverr marketing really impacts sales. I’ve never seen a Fiverr ad which I wasn’t directed to from someone on the forum.

In fact, I have a theory that the best thing for Fiverr are sensational controversies. I only found Fiverr in 2014, after reading a news article exposing the then booming fake Amazon ebook review market on Fiverr. In this case, maybe the way to get sales is for sellers to do something controversial?

Of course, whatever that controversial thing would be, would need to be in-line with TOS. Go too far and you’d get banned…


We talk that there is low sales for the majority of sellers.

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I’ve seen lots of fiverr ads on the internet. They use targeted marketing the same as other big websites. And I’ve had clients tell me they saw an ad for my gigs on fiverr after having previously looked at them.

Is the price of fiverr stock tied to how much earnings it has for each quarter? I doubt if anyone knows. Probably not… :thinking:
:chart_with_upwards_trend: :chart_with_downwards_trend:

I’m not sure at all this slump is happening for all sellers.

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I am a new seller on fiverr and almost fifteen plus days ago ,i publish my gigs .unfortunately, till receive no order .it’s may be due to holidays.

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I hate to break this to you, but in a booming economy, people are more likely to go on holiday. :wink:

Seriously, though, the economy and seasons aren’t relevant. A booming economy doesn’t reduce the impact of competition and the impact of supply and demand.


I’ve had a blizzard of orders yesterday and last night. The faucet was turned back on and I’m hoping it stays on when the weekend is over. It’s so nice to be busy again. I missed it.

As far as a booming economy goes, I can only speak about the US economy. It is booming. But the cost of living is so high, combined with pathetically low minimum wages that no one can live on, that it still puts families in a squeeze as far as buying power goes.

Housing, food and gasoline costs are ridiculously high.

Almost all my new orders are from countries other than the US.


Good for you. misscrystal :slight_smile: Mazel !
When I had $5 gigs maybe they just break up the monotony of busy and non busy days with decent orders. I’m not going back to $5 gigs.

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Ahhh so this is what a Mek-Seller is. I hear this a lot and didn’t know what it meant.
Urban Dictionary said Mek was the sound a giraffe makes…oh well for those who don’t know.

Mek-Sel (noun) - a new person that joined Fiverr, doesn’t have the necessary skills, his or her English sucks, they tend to steal other people’s work, and yet somehow they bitch about not getting sales.


So, I was a bit dubious about the whole “Sales down everywhere” thing that seems to be said across the forum lately. There are always peaks and troughs of course but I was looking at something regarding another decent sized company which is for sale soon and saw that they had greatly increased their in-app ads and promotion at the moment.
This made me think - I wonder if Fiverr did a six month (or longer) advertising spree in the run up to the IPO. Everyone knows that investors love high revenue figures (not even profit is necessary) and it would then make sense that the advertising would slow down post-IPO.
Just a theory…