No Sales ...Feeling Emotionally Sad



I always like it when people use emotional leverage to motivate the sales process. It says two things:

  1. No one wants your content
  2. You may be emotional unfit to keep focus.

As terrible as this may seem initially, you have a strong future in car sales.


Your gig description shows your website address which asks for email contact outside of Fiverr. This is against the Terms of Service and you need to remove this.


You offer Social Media Marketing but there are grammatical and formatting mistakes on your gig page. I’m not saying this is the only reason you’re not getting work, but do the basics right would be my advice :wink:


I mean, look on the bright side…at least you’re not physically sad?



I’m so emotionally sad that I missed this reference while the topic mattered. Emotional sadness is my favorite of all sadness…which includes, but isn’t specifically limited to:

*Corey Hart sadness: When you’re sad because it’s night and you’ve forgotten your sunglasses.

*Papa John sadness: When the delivery driver doesn’t remember your garlic sauce and you realize that the pizza and the cardboard are carved from the same ingredients.

*Karate Kid sadness: When you get taken down and you finally concede that you are not the best around.

All totally valid sadness. Still… they float aimlessly in the dark cloud of good old fashioned emotional sadness.