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No sales for long time


After a good period in Fiverr I stopped working due to personal problems. A month ago I decided to do a come back but it was nothing but hard and still is.
I am trying to figure out ways to get back to sales but nothing. Failure after failure.
Social media advertising, gig correction, adjusting tags, fixing description.
My gigs clicks, views and the other metrics are high but still no sale.

So I am writing this article for sellers that are experiencing the same problem. And I want to give them the following advice. Don’t give up, continue updating your gigs until you hit gold. Eventually, you will get some sales. Just don’t give up! If you believe your time actually deserves to be spend on what you do NEVER QUIT. :sunglasses:

aggelosmariospa :thinking:


Share your gig in different social media


same problem :face_with_thermometer:


Thank you for your encouraging words!


I don’t have much strong social media accounts. I get 100 clicks per day but still no sale. I change description every 3 days but still nothing. Don’t give tho :smiley:


Wish you get back to sales mate :slight_smile:


Do you use “my fiverr gigs” here, the subreddit, and buyer requests?


Posting your gig in social media is not great idea. Advertise your gig to your target audience. That’s great.


How can i target my audience?
I am web designer.


How can i target my audience?
I am web designer.


As I know same problem occurs to anyone who stopped working for some period of time. But can’t say exactly, how to get back to sales quickly like before, it will take time and will increase sales gradually.


Since they brought out Fiverr pro my orders have been zero.


I sure do :slight_smile:


yes I know, my first sale came after 8 months. I wish that wont happen again :stuck_out_tongue:
It is logical this to happen. I understand, but all my reviews 900+ should play a role so my account would get back to its feet faster than normal. But apparently that doesn’t happen


they surely want to promote part of people because many have joined here fiverr, it is not like it used to be.


Have you tried buyers requests? Send a few buyers requests every day so people will start looking at your gig, and its all domino effect from there.


Thanks for the advice, yes I do use buyer requests. Unfortunately, nothing works for me right now in fiverr.


Try your best. Hope you will do better. :slight_smile:


@rightonline :pushpin: If you want to promote your Fiverr Gigs, create a post in My Fiverr Gigs. Plugging your gigs here is SPAM! The community will flag it!


Ok, no worries. :pineapple: