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No sales for long time

Promoting gigs in My Fiverr Gigs is worthless. Only seller look that column.

:slight_smile: I also went inactive for several years and it negatively effected my rating because I forgot to go on VACATION MODE :frowning: I’m hoping FIVERR might be nice to me and help me clean up my gigs. I am also looking for help in clearing out my old portfolio, I signed up in 2012 and the site as completely changed. I want to delete items in the gallery but they show up when you click on my GIG, but NOT in the gallery for deletion :frowning:

Wow years? It will be like a new start all over again… :confused:

Im having the same issue. Almost 2 months. No idea why…

In our field of graphic design we have much much competition so if we have a sale it would be a miracle :stuck_out_tongue:

aggelosmariospa, if I may,

I’m going to widen your field of promotional operations in which you’ll be opening up brand-new opportunities;

  1. Classified Ads Sites: PERSONALLY, I’ve seen people sweep places like Craigslist, Kijiji, and a host of other biggies looking for people looking for these services, and then either coming here to Fiverr or any of the other (hundreds) of microjob sites exist and doing quickie arbitrage (middleman) deals.

  2. Safelist Ads Sites: As the main driver of this site classification, it’s a case of marketers marketing marketable marketables to other marketing marketeers (try saying that rapidly in multiple concurrence, lol!), so, once again, you can offer quickie middleman deal offers, or elect to drive the traffic to a super-optimized, personal landing page (since you know how to whip into shape graphic design elements), OR just elect to go K.I.S.S. on it and paste in your Gig URL as the traffic target.

  3. OTHER Microjob/Web Freelance Sites: You DO know there are other sites like Fiverr right? They number in the hundreds (of varying quality) and also have willingly-paying Buyers (lol!). This I can also attest to personally as I use a good many of them (easily searchable);


  4. Raise Your Network Profile: Maybe a reason for your experience of a work gappage is because of the simple fact that buyers here simply just may not know of your existence! Equate it to a case of offline office politicking. In order for you to be able to “get ahead”, you need to always be showing and proving your indispensibility to the boss and the others of the highest social pecking status that you’re one of the heavy-hitters and a continual company go-to so you can remain ahead of the office curve and assure yourself an unchallenged spot there. Same on Fiverr, or any other microjobs site. You need to be helping other Sellers with problems that fall under your talent capabilities. Only then will it create the opportunities you need to forge ahead and ascend Seller Levels.

  5. OFFLINE: This requires some “git 'er done” rolling-up of the sleeves, but you’d be surprised with what a few well-placed phone calls can do. Who knows about you before you start tooting your own horn;

    Potential Offline Freelance Pitch Script
    Hello, my name is [Your-Name-Here], and I’d like to speak with the person in charge of the Marketing department or the Senior Design Team Head? I’d like to speak with them about receiving a mini-portfolio of my current personal online services.

    With both this question and statement, you present yourself as a professional who’s knowledgeable and experienced looking to talk to the person who’ll we’ll call the “authorized purchaser” - who’ll ultimately be signing off on the decision on whether or not to employ your services.

  6. RE-POLARIZE YOUR MINDSET: If I can leave you with anything of value in this (slightly) long-winded post it’s that YOU MUST STOP TRADING TIME FOR MONEY! YES. You have talents you’re monetising here at Fiverr, but try to find a way to do it 1) with the least amount of effort, and then 2) package it as an information tutorial (whether an eBook, video, etc.) that is augmented by Gig add-ons where you’ll be supplying your usual elbow grease.

    As an example, my latest gig involves pulling back the curtain on EXACTLY how the Social Signal Level sellers do their business providing those Tweets/Re-Tweet/1+s/Likes/etc. Now, I’m making it attractive to at least 3 groups of people;

     A) The **CONSUMERS** of Social Signal Level services
     B) The **NEWBIE Seller** of Social Signal Level services, and
     C) The **EXPERIENCED Seller** of Social Signal Level services
           (who wants to see what they have to lose or missed, lol!) 

    I really hope I’ve provided some alternatives, aggelomariospa, for both you and anyone else having read this thread or made replies within it. In fact, I KNOW this is a problem constantly plaguing freelancers and these are (some of) the approaches I use to deal with this problem. In fact, I’m inviting anyone reading this thread or wandering around in it EXPLICITLY to feel free to contact me through a profile PM and I’ll be happy enough to try and connect you with any resource I have at my disposal (just don’t be a pain in the backside, I’m busy too, lol! Anything not a simple recommendation may require a Gig commission). I’d like to apologize for taking up so much time here and I need to get back to the Hustle Shuffle. Take care and Good Luck!


continue updating your gigs until you hit gold :wink:

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Yeah at the start I had more sales but now it has decreased. But no worries, I do sharing etc, I will do my best when I get an order.


Keep up like this. Don’t give up :slight_smile:


Same problem bro. I am also trying my best to take order But failed. Hope you and i both will found an order soon.


i am also facing same issue

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that’s really great idea to promote gigs.


I have this problems for a month ago.what are the best solution for this problems.

same condition
No sales for long time

Me too, I have only got one Sale

This is gold. Thank you!


September is not good for me, low sales and I hope next month will be better.

A good solution is updating your gig and sharing your gigs with social media…

Hope you get back on sales soon.

Me too :smiley:


Me too! no sales…!:sleepy:

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sorry to hear that. Well do not give up :slight_smile:

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