No sales for past month since I got orders worth $1400 last month


Can anybody tell me and my fellow sellers (designers) why are we facing the orders issue?
Last month I got a number of orders worth $1400+ but after that. fiverr changed its algorithm and everything RUINED…
My gig usually got 30 to 60 views but for one month I’m having 3 to 5 views per day…
Can you believe it?
I contacted CS many times but they (****) never responded positively. (Sorry for harsh language but they gave me that feeling).

Is there any fix? Am I missing something?

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Yeah, no, we’re all screwed.


Did you contact CS? Any positive response from their side?


Nope, CS can’t do anything about it. They are support and don’t have anything to do with the site developers. Fiverr Support is not in-house, it’s outsourced.


Hmm, but they are so BIASED. They only listen to buyer, not seller.
Then how can we know where are we “WRONG” what we are “MISSING”?


There have been many search algorithm updates going on lately and most all sellers have been affected in some way.

By the way, are you aware that buyers also read this forum? Every post you make is representative of your perceived professionalism, service, and quality.


Yes this algorithm change effect every gig even top rated sellers be patient try to promote your gig outside fiverr


I know that’s why I mentioned “Sorry” and I also mentioned the reason of my harsh word.

And I didn’t write anything about buyer :slight_smile:


Is there any source from where we can know where are doing wrong? how can we get it FIXED :frowning:


The details:


I contacted support and their response was very polite. They didn’t have a solution but they are always polite in their replies or at least in my replies. Actually, I imagine they are being overrun with requests about rankings and their patience in answering these requests has to be admired. I wish there was a solution but they always seem to understand our concerns in dealing with the situation. So in this case, I give support kudos in their efforts.


The solution is change fiverr algorithm to old one, the new one just kill many seller, with average reviews, it seems not fair because their gigs not appear on search engine


So that’s what happened. I knew something changed. I had a weird dip in sales and only got orders from regulars for a while.


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