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No sales for the past 3 month help

Hello guys please I need a help from you the top seller I have as very been on fiverr for few months now and I have not received any gig order all I’m getting is impression, clicks, and veiws… Pls view my gig and tell me my mistakes and suggest a good step for me… I respect you guys alot here… Thanks for your anticipation…

Hello Mccain 123, am not a TRS but I have checked your profile now and I noticed the description you have it about yourself not about what service you render here. Take your time and modify that and you make use of the buyer’s request as well.

I am not a TRS either but you need your profile to be about yourself from a business point of view, not about what you think about yourself. You are offering a service so that is what you need to talk about. Check out the profiles of other sellers to get ideas. That would be a great start.