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No sales for the past years back

hello guys. please i need help on my Gigs no sales again. please what can i do, to get me back up. i really need help here.

thanks tunecreate1


Hi Tunecreate!

Please check out this link, It will help you to get orders easier: How to get orders for beginners

Besides, Your title needs to be more eye-catching And try to use the Keywords related to your career, in this case, your chance to get order increases; it is beneficial for the Fiverr Algorithm. Also, there is a section on Forum where you can mention your Fiverr link, it’s really helpful to get the impression. Use it :slight_smile:


Read this and many other helpful topics.

Create new gig with some unique images and sent buyer request daily

my tittle needs to be more eye catching? i don’t even remember what is tittle on my page i swear

do gig marketing .and you can also add video to your gig and mention all documentation about your skill on that video .perhaps its will be helpful to get quick order

I understand all the challenges that a beginner faces in the first months of freelancing, but don’t forget to be PATIENT and POSITIVE. That’s the key to your success!

I just recommend you to create a new Gig and choose a good Title (with Keywords), description, and eye-catching Thumbnails for it!

After all, Keep in mind to be Online most of the time! It works in the Fiverr algorithm. I wish you get all success


that is the point.PATIENT and POSITIVE.

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I agree with u @nedahmd I hope it helps to all newbie…

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Yeah, I hope so! :v:t2: