No sales from 2 weeks


I have no sales within 2 weeks. Impressions down from 40k to 12k. I don’t know what happened. Anyone have this experience?


Try to advertise more
Place Buyer request daily
Improve your gig


facing the same issue


Go to Facebook groups!
Twitter - other social networking sites!

FORUMS and sell your gig and advertise there!
You also have to work on advertisements of your GIGS, Fiverr is catering to Millions of sellers!
So, we should advertise our gigs on our own too :slight_smile:


Recently fiverr did some updates on the search algorithm. So do I need to change ‘Search tags’ of gigs?


Yes! you are right!
Be unique,find some new one which no one is using!
And for old ones Include in DESCRIPTION of your gig!

Ask your old clients, or make some exclusive offer and broadcast to them! Maybe somebody looking for services again!

Also, go to Craigslist, Advertise there


Hi, you need to consider few things about your gig to get more impressions and sales.

  1. Use proper search Tags
  2. Improve your gig’s description if there is some editing needs.
  3. Make sure your gig title is catchy and unique.
  4. Gig image Also plays a vital role in CTR, so make sure that your gig image is attractive.
  5. Post in buyer requests.
    I hope this may help