No sales from gig views


I have 200 reviews but I did not get regular sales I got my all sales from buyer request can anyone tell me how to get sales from gig views


You need to share your gigs on different social media networks like Linkedin Groups without spamming, Google + communities, Have a facebook page that is related to your services, Share on your twitter page. You can also ensure that you adjust the gig titles and tags occasionally. Very important also, you need to create eye-catching videos for your gigs.

I hope that this answers some of your concerns.


what do you mean share without spaming? if I share my gigs on social media daily it will spam?


What I mean by not spamming is related to LinkedIn groups. You provide quality information about the services that you provide either by sharing a link to an article, answering questions or enquiries like I’m doing now. Then after a period of time, you can post a short description of your service with your link. Then you can thereafter start posting your link. If you just post your links anyhow you could get ejected because your posting will be regarded as SPAMMING. I believe you understand now!!!