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No sales from past 1 month

Hi all,

I am second level seller with all 5 star ratings here and I haven’t got any sale in April. In march I got enough orders while my delivery rate was at 80-85% but I tried my best to come at 95% and BAM!
My sales almost stopped, no reply from buyers section. My gig’s location which was under top 15 dropped at around 60-70th position without any reason and on asking about this from Fiverr support they answered that Fiverr don’t take grantee of your GIG’s position.
Only 1 regular customer is my savior now, he is giving me new orders on regular interval basis which is helping me to keep up my recent delivery date and really thankful for him for this.
Please guide me where I went wrong.

My delivery rate is 100%, Response time is 100% and orders completed too is 100%. I usually always have recent delivery under 4-7 days