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No sales :( help me


I’m a graphic designer and i’m not that bad for not a single sale for the past 2 months , so what should i do to pass that?


Start promoting your gigs and send buyer requests every day.


We need more detail to be able answer that.

Usually the problem has to do with the huge amount of competition sellers have out there. There are probably hundreds of graphic designer sellers on Fiverr. You need to stand out and there are many factors involved in that.


Same here buddy!! I went on a vacation and after returning the past month, I am with little to no sales. However, I know December is the only month when the sales are at peak for the design category but still no sales here.

Anyways, lets see when things starts to roll out.

Good Luck!!


Wouldn’t it be so interesting if Fiverr shared reports on how sales change during peak seasons?