No sales. How can I improve my profile and Gigs?


Hello, I’m new to fiverr, So far I’ve had a few sales but then nothing more since saturday. I’ve shared my gig links on social media and I have seen some traffic on the charts but that doesn’t necessarily convert to sales. I’ve also had a hard time finding myself on the search.

What can I do to improve my profile and sales?


You can try this


Follow fiverr terms and promote more and more


Use buyer request option and also social media platform.


I have tried posting almost daily on social platforms, it has driven a few views but no sales. I check the buyer’s request section everyday but all that I find is newbie sellers posting ads for their services.


Have you tried marketing and promoting your gigs anywhere else (other than on Fiverr)?


facebook, google plus, twitter, tumblr


Are your target customers located on Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, and Tumblr? Or are you just posting your gig links and hoping someone will click on them?

Your target customers are the only people who will purchase your services. The best and most productive advertising appeals to those people. If those people are not the people that you are connected to on those social media sites, then you aren’t likely to find much success advertising in those places.

Go where your customers are located. You may have to do extensive research to figure out where these places are (online and off).


well i posted the links in forums and groups that people are looking for fiverr services. What does it count as “extensive”? I don’t think most fiverr users are doing extensive research and target audiences with fine crosshairs outside of fiverr all the time, social media sharing is supplemental, if not, then what’s the use of Fiverr’s 20% cut? extensive online and offline research an extensive promotion is in the domain of independent freelancers with their own websites, then what good is fiverr? Most people I know with fiverr accounts, just set them up set their gigs and get sales within a week or two.


But that’s not how Fiverr works. Setting up a gig, and then sitting back waiting for success is a terrible way to conduct business. Your gigs are your job – your business. Even here on Fiverr, you need to treat them as such if you wish to be successful. And, yes, that includes market research, promoting your gigs elsewhere online and off (wherever your target customers are located), and building a brand for yourself.

Success requires – yes – extensive work.

You noted that you just aren’t finding success by sitting back and waiting for it, so, what’s your other option? Right… working for that success. Treat your gigs like a business, and you’ll start to see more of the success you’re looking for.