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No sales, How to make sales.?


I JOINED FIVERR SINCE AUGUST 1,2015. I just two sales but my sales did not got recommended so i deleted that and create new gig. I have created more than 10 gigs but any one not got sales so I deleted that. Now I got fed up.

Can you please tell me how can I make sales on Fiverr… Please give me some TIPS…!! :frowning:

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Here are few samples… [samples removed by moderator - those go in My Fiverr Gigs]

Moderator Note: Topic closed for now. Please seek help in My Fiverr Gigs if you wish to post images or links. Use tips written by sellers with a solid history of excellent sales and reviews.

You can find hundreds of tips for being successful by reading the threads in the TIPS FOR SELLERS forum.

You need to take responsibility for your own success here on Fiverr. None of us sellers are guaranteed sales merely because we have gigs. Fiverr is a business, and you need to do the research, work and marketing to be successful. Your business will only be successful equal to the work you put into the logistics behind it.

Fiverr is not a get-rich-quick website; sales do not magically appear. It’s a business platform, and it requires just as much work as any other business out there.

you have to work hard for getting success.


Hello @fastcopywriter please give me that link of the girl. I would like to see wonders

Reply to @template_design Thanks for these tips. We highly appreciate


I can give you some tips but some other time… Leaving for class right now…

Reply to @template_design: I don’t know anyone who’s doing that, and I’m certainly not doing it. Furthermore, gigs aren’t boosted by traffic, they’re boosted by sales. Paying for traffic is a waste of time.

Accurate tags? Sure, that helps, but that’s not enough. You need a great gig title, great gig description, great picture, maybe a great video, and most importantly, A GREAT OFFER.

Today I saw a girl that writes 10 words for $5, that’s a freaking joke.

Reply to @havardh: She just started on Fiverr, so she has no sales. Besides, I don’t want to humiliate individuals that aren’t part of the conversation.

Reply to @havardh: I would strongly suggest that you do not use the tips suggested by @template_design. This is against some of the most critical portions of the Fiverr Terms of Service. I know of users who have been banned for doing it, and it will not yield the results promised. Instead, go back to Tips for Sellers, look up some of the many great tips offered by long-time sellers and use those.