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No sales! :( I need your advice


Hello! Hope you are having an amazing day!
My gig is getting a lot of impressions, views and click but no sales :frowning_face: I think it might be something about my gig description. I am a new seller and that is why I need your help. I would really appreciate if you could help me. Suggestions are very well welcomed.

My gig :point_down:

Thank you so much and have a stunning day!! :grinning:


Usually it comes down to trust and skill.

  • Your profile photo - yours?
  • Your portfolio - actual websites you built?


You observed the discrepancy between impressions and conversions (sales after views), and that’s a great first step! I second what @uxreview wrote. Make sure every phrase and image you use has a purpose and makes a case for what you do.


@agusdunaevsky do you happen to also be an eyeglass model or is that company stealing your picture?


My Gigs impressions are increasing day by day and clicks also. But no sales yet:frowning_face:


It doesn’t generate my interest in your gig. So, you can imagine that if a non-buyer/seller doesn’t like your gig or is not generating any interest then how will the potential buyer will buy your gig? An image speaks a thousand words!! (You have the answer to your query). :wink:

Good Luck!!


Same problem with me.


Thank you!! Have a nice day! :heart:


Thank you!! How can I generate interest?


Thank you a lot!! :heart:


I agree. When I see that you are using someone else’s photo as your own… I don’t trust much after that.


My pleasure and good luck!


Already answered your query!!


Ehy Rahul, try to chang your description, your time delivery, your pic.
you need to find your way!


What? :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Are you replying me? Have you even read the post and the author? :roll_eyes:


I was going to say if that’s your photo then you should absolutely explain your gig in a video.

But still, unless you’re an actual monster a video could help. People don’t care if the guy building their website isn’t hot.


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Lol bro! i’m new here ahahahahha sorry :slight_smile:


I’ve had no sales in December and I’m getting worried. :roll_eyes::smirk: How am I gonna spend Christmas???


I’m sorry. I know dry spells are stressful.