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No Sales @ Level 2

Hello Guys,
I am level 2 seller on Fiverr but for last 2 or 3 weeks my impressions have dropped drastically.
I was there on top of the page for 4 to 5 days (around 22nd june 2020) whenever someone would search video editing on fiverr but after that my gig slipped to page 7 then after that it was on page 20 and now I cannot find it at all. I am getting very low impressions and no order at all. My work is going on with my previous clients. Can any one here guide me what to do or if anyone has experienced the same thing?

Thank you in advance.

Then, perhaps now is a good time to stop relying on the Fiverr search system to provide all your orders. ALL gigs rotate in the search results. No seller is guaranteed ongoing placement on page 1.

Figure out who your target customers are, determine where they are located, research their needs to better understand them, and then go to wherever they are, and convince them to hire you. Sitting around waiting for orders from the Fiverr search system is not how Fiverr freelancers become successful. You need to be willing to connect to you target customers, and you need to be willing to do this as a businessman, not just as a Fiverr seller.

This is the goal of any businessman – to have repeat customers. Why do so many sellers here on Fiverr think this is a bad thing? If buyers keep coming back to hire you, then you’re doing pretty well.

We all experience the same thing, however, it is your responsibility to reach out and connect to the people you are trying to sell your services to. None of us can make that happen for you. Follow the advice in my first paragraph above, and build (and grow) the consumer base that loves what you do, and keeps coming back for more.


Will I’m facing similar issue sins few months. Lets hope for the best try to send buyer request and promote your gig in social media Thanks

If I have to find the clients, I have to reach them, I have to contact them and convince them to hire me then all the reviews on my profile are of no use. And if i am doing everything then why I have to give 20% cut to fiverr, what are they doing to get their 20%. The way you are advising people then fiverr is just going to be used as a transaction platform where you can send the money and hire someone, I think just for providing money transactions facility, fiverr is charging 20% which is way too much. :sunglasses:

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